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02:00 PM ET
Connected PACs in 2019 — Understanding PAC
Compliance and Communication Issues
Advocacy 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Using New Easy-To-Use Video Tools for
Member Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention
Education, Meetings, Membership & Marketing, Technology CAE


02:00 PM ET
Communicating the Value of your Advocacy
GR Program Internally & Externally
Advocacy 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Volunteer Management Best Practices: Top Strategies for
Finding Volunteers and Maintaining Accountability
CEO, Meetings, Membership & Marketing, HR 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
How Associations will Thrive or Die:
The 2020 Rules of Millennial Engagement
Membership & Marketing 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Grassroots Influence - Using Qualitative Analysis to Drive Smarter Advocacy Strategies Advocacy 1 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Experiential Event Design for Your Next Conference
Back by Popular Demand
Education, Meetings, Membership & Marketing 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Growing Membership in the Digital Age:
Membership Marketing Program Best Practices
Membership & Marketing 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
Cutting Through the Clutter - Digital Advocacy
Strategies from Successful Brands
Advocacy 1.5 CAE


02:00 PM ET
UBIT: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Sponsorships,
Advertising, Royalties and Cause Marketing
Finance 1.5 CAE
OnDemand Data Privacy When Vendors Are Involved:
Best practices for data protection once it leaves your hands
Education, CEO, Technology
OnDemand Strategic PAC Audits—From Recognizing Red Flags to
Enhancing the PAC Reporting Process
OnDemand Mission Driven SEO: Modern Strategy for Driving Membership CEO, Membership & Marketing, Technology
OnDemand The Ins & Outs of Working with Volunteer SMEs Education, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Mapping Your Membership Journey:
Creating a Member-Centric Tool to Boost Retention
CEO, Membership & Marketing, Technology
OnDemand The Mystery of Government Relations Compensation Revealed:
An Analysis of the Government Relations Industry
Compensation Report
OnDemand Keeping Your Members on Board: Techniques and
Strategies for Successful Member Retention
CEO, Membership & Marketing, Technology
OnDemand Reinventing Your Association Magazine -
Back by Popular Demand!
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Strategic Online Communities: Building and Growing
Them For Member Value & High Operational Impact
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Before, During And After — Successful Strategies for Congressional Meetings Advocacy
OnDemand Rethinking Association Marketing in a Digital Ecosystem:
Where Are Your Best Opportunities?
CEO, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand The LD-203 Filing Boot Camp: Mid Year 2019 Edition Advocacy
OnDemand Will Your Code of Ethics Get Your Association in Trouble? CEO, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Growing Membership in the Digital Age:
Membership Marketing Program Best Practices - 2019
CEO, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand PAC Strategy—Tactical Budgeting and Effective Disbursements Advocacy, PAC
OnDemand Communicating with Your Members:
Best Practices for Successful Association Newsletter Campaigns
CEO, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Federal PAC Fundraising: Strategic Survey Trends for 2019 and Beyond Advocacy
OnDemand EU Representative Offices Under the GDPR:
When They Are Needed and What They Must Do
Finance, Membership & Marketing, Technology
OnDemand PAC 101 - Strategies for the 2020 Elections Advocacy
OnDemand LMS Selection: Mastering the Process, Avoiding the Pitfalls Education
OnDemand Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to
Captivate Your Audience and Grow Membership
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand How Associations Can Address
Sexual Harassment in the Post #MeToo Era
Human Resources
OnDemand Marketing in the New Data Privacy Era Meetings, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Tax Reform Impact to Not-for-Profit Organizations:
Putting It All Into Practice
OnDemand Beyond the Whitepaper: Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level Membership & Marketing
OnDemand 4 Key Steps to Increase Your Corporate Sales Finance, Meetings, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand New Learning and Delivery Methods for 2019:
Utilize VR/AR and Adaptive Tools to Engage Learners
Education, Technology
OnDemand 6 Ways to Make Your Fly-In Effective & Distinctive Advocacy
OnDemand Grassroots Influence — Using Qualitative Analysis to
Drive Smarter Advocacy Strategies
OnDemand Expanding Your Corporate Sponsorships:
Building Partnerships for 2019
Finance, Meetings
OnDemand Connected PACs in 2019 — Understanding PAC
Compliance and Communication Issues February 2019
OnDemand Copyrights and Trademarks:
What Every Association Executive Needs to Know
Finance, CEO
OnDemand Navigating the Advocacy Job Market Post-Election:
Capitol Hill, Private Sector, and Starting Your Own Business
OnDemand PAC Fundraising in a Nonelection Year: Strategies to Incentivize Giving & Improve Tactics Advocacy
OnDemand Designing an Online Event: Strategy, Design and Production Meetings
OnDemand What About Micro-credentialing—
Which Model (If Any) Is Right for You?
OnDemand The LD-203 Filing Boot Camp-2019 Advocacy
OnDemand Everything You Should Know about Pricing in Your Association Membership & Marketing
OnDemand How to Train, Support & Inspire
Your Chapter Leaders in One Place
CEO, Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Top Fraud Risk Considerations in Exempt Organizations Finance, Technology
OnDemand Managing Your Members: Membership System Functionality and an Evaluation of Outsourcing Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Meeting Membership Recruitment Benchmarks:
Strategies to Turbo-Charge Recruitment
Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Metrics for Measuring and Marketing the Value of Your PAC Advocacy
OnDemand Machine Learning 101 for Your Association: Get up to speed on
how this technology can help you segment your members, identify prospects and improve internal processes
OnDemand Cybersecurity Webinar Series - 2018 Technology
OnDemand How to Incorporate Your Organization’s Goals and Values into
Your Investment Portfolio
OnDemand 5 Keys to Association Website Success in 2018 and Beyond Membership & Marketing
OnDemand Campaign Finance 101:
Navigating the Rules for Associations and Corporations