July 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    BWFA Blue Water Fishermen's Association http://bwfa-usa.org
    BTA Border Trade Alliance http://thebta.org
    BPSA Bicycle Product Suppliers Association http://bpsa.org
    BHFRA Black Hills Forest Resource Association http://bhfra.org
    BCTGM Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union http://bctgm.org
    BENS Business Executives for National Security http://bens.org
    BVA Blinded Veterans Association http://bva.org
    BIG National Association of Blacks In Government http://bignet.org
    BCTD AFL-CIO - Building and Construction Trades Department http://bctd.org
    BCI Battery Council International http://batterycouncil.org
    BSCAI Building Service Contractors Association International http://bscai.org
    BRT Business Roundtable http://businessroundtable.org
    BI Beer Institute http://beerinstitute.org
    BIA Brick Industry Association http://gobrick.com
    BSA BSA | The Software Alliance http://bsa.org
    BPS Biophysical Society http://biophysics.org
    BCBSA BlueCross BlueShield Association http://bcbs.com
    BIAA Brain Injury Association of America http://biausa.org
    BEA Broadcast Education Association http://beaweb.org
    BHMA Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association http://buildershardware.com
    BL The Broadway League http://broadwayleague.com
    BPA Biomass Power Association http://www.usabiomass.org
    BTEC Biomass Thermal Energy Council http://biomassthermal.org
    BTA Building Trades Association http://buildingtrades.com
    BISSC Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee http://bissc.org
    BEMA BEMA - The Baking Industry Suppliers Association http://bema.org
    BAFT-IFSA BAFT-IFSA http://baft-ifsa.com
    BAI Bank Administration Institute http://bai.org
    BBWAA Baseball Writers Association of America http://bbwaa.com
    BGA Barre Granite Association http://barregranite.org
    BCA Baptist Communicators Association http://baptistcommunicators.org
    BA Belt Association http://idahogeology.org/DrawOnePage.asp?PageID=101
    BSA Bearing Specialist Association http://bsahome.org
    BAP Beta Alpha Psi http://bap.org
    BSA Bibliographical Society of America http://bibsocamer.org
    BCA Billiard Congress of America http://home.bca-pool.com
    BBIA Billiard and Bowling Institute of America http://billiardandbowling.org
    BCA BioCommunications Association http://bca.org
    BIA Binding Industries Association http://printing.org/bia
    BMES Biomedical Engineering Society http://bmes.org
    BSC Biological Stain Commission http://biologicalstaincommission.org
    BWI Boating Writers International http://bwi.org
    B&CMA Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturers' Association http://thebcma.org
    BMI Book Manufacturers' Institute http://bmibook.org
    BISG Book Industry Study Group, Inc. http://bisg.org
    BMC Brake Manufacturers Council http://brakecouncil.org
    BABi BritishAmerican Business Inc. http://babinc.org
    BACC Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce http://brazilcham.com
    BCCA Broadcast Cable Credit Association http://bccacredit.com
    BMWED Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division http://bmwe.org


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