October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CHSCA California Home Service Contract Association http://homeservicecontract.org/state-associations/califor
    CMA California Mortgage Association http://www.californiamortgageassociation.com
    CCWRO Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organizations, Inc http://ccwro.org
    CALNENA California National Emergency Number Association http://calnena.org
    CMHDA California Mental Health Directors Association http://www.cmhda.org
    CSCA California State Coroners Association http://coroners.org
    CHAPCA California Hospice and Palliative Care Association http://www.calhospice.org
    CSOAA California State Outdoor Advertising Association http://csoaa.com/index.html
    CTRA California Tax Reform Association http://caltaxreform.org
    CalTax California Taxpayers Association http://www.caltax.org
    CSNA California School Nutrition Association http://www.calsna.org
    CSPCA California School Personnel Commissioners Association http://www.meritsystem.org
    CSOM California Society for Oriental Medicine http://csomaonline.org
    CPA California Payphone Association http://capayphoneassn.org
    CPF California Professional Firefighters http://www.cpf.org
    CRA California Redevelopment Association http://www.calredevelop.org
    CHHA California Harness Horsemen's Association http://chhaonline.com
    CIB California Independent Bankers http://cib.org
    CDC California Dialysis Council http://www.californiadialysis.org
    CFI California Federation of Interpreters http://calinterpreters.org
    CAPCOA California Air Pollution Control Officers Association http://www.capcoa.org
    CSATP California Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals http://www.csatp.org
    CAJPA California Association of Joint Powers Authorities http://cajpa.org
    CALAOMS California Association of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgeons http://www.calaoms.org
    CAEHA California Association of Environmental Health Administrators http://www.ccdeh.com
    CAHU California Association of Health Underwriters http://www.cahu.org
    CAPPS California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools http://www.cappsonline.org
    CAPT California Association of Psychiatric Technicians http://www.psychtechs.net
    CCEA California Continuation Education Association http://www.cceanet.org
    CCAE California Council for Adult Education http://www.ccaestate.org
    CCCMHA California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies http://www.cccmha.org
    CAZA California Association of Zoos and Aquariums http://www.cazagroup.org/
    CACJ California Attorneys for Criminal Justice http://cacj.org
    CATESOL California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages http://www.catesol.org
    CBAA California Bail Agents Association http://www.cbaa.com
    CAEAA California Adult Education Administrators Association http://www.caeaa.org
    CALA California Assisted Living Association http://www.caassistedliving.org
    CALCOG California Association of Councils of Governments http://www.calcog.org
    CAADPE California Association of Alcohol and Drug Program Executives, Inc http://caadpe.org
    CADDTP California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs http://www.cadtp.org
    CALSAGA California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates http://calsaga.org
    CARPD California Association of Recreation and Parks Districts http://www.carpd.net
    CASBO California Association of School Business Officials http://www.casbo.org
    CCEEB California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance http://www.cceeb.org
    CSLA California School Library Association http://www.csla.net
    CSFPA California State Foster Parent Association http://csfpaonline.org
    CJCJ Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia http://w2.georgiacourts.org/cjcj
    CSCJ Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia http://www.cscj.org
    COAG Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia http://coag.info
    CHAD Community Health Care Association of the Dakotas http://communityhealthcare.net


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