October 17, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CLAS Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools http://www.clasleaders.org
    CTTA California Tow Truck Association http://ctta.com
    CWAG Conference of Western Attorneys General http://www.cwagweb.org
    CADP California Association of Dental Plans http://www.caldentalplans.org
    CAA California Aquaculture Association http://www.caaquaculture.org
    CCSO California Correctional Supervisors Organization, Inc. http://www.ccsonet.org
    CTGA California Tomato Growers Association http://ctga.org
    CAAB California Artichoke Advisory Board http://www.artichokes.org
    CWCI California Workers' Compensation Institute http://www.cwci.org
    CCINW Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest http://www.ccinw.org
    CEA Connecticut Education Association http://www.cea.org
    CJA Connecticut Jewelers Association http://www.ctjewelers.org
    CPDA California Public Defenders Association http://www.claraweb.us
    CIHC California Industrial Hygiene Council http://www.cihconline.com
    CWC California Walnut Commission http://www.walnuts.org
    CREA Colorado Rural Electric Association http://www.crea.coop
    CRS California Radiological Society http://www.calrad.org
    CCA California Cattlemen's Association http://calcattlemen.org
    CRCA Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association http://www.crcainc.org
    CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association http://www.calchiefs.org
    CPMA Colorado Podiatric Medical Association http://www.colopma.org
    COA Colorado Outfitters Association http://www.coloradooutfitters.org
    CACP Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police http://www.colochiefs.org
    CCGGA California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations http://www.ccgga.org
    COLA California Optical Laboratories Association http://colalabs.net
    CFBPW California Federation of Business and Professional Women http://bpwcal.org
    CTREIA Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association http://www.ctreia.com
    COACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Colorado Chapter http://www.coacep.org
    CSIA California Self-Insurers Association http://www.caself-insurers.com
    CRS Colorado Radiological Society http://www.acr.org/Membership/Chapters/Colorado-Radiologi
    CWCDAA California Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney's Association http://cwcdaa.org
    CSMFO California Society of Municipal Finance Officers http://www.csmfo.org
    CLHS California League of High Schools http://leagueofschools.org/clhs.htm
    CSOMA California State Oriental Medical Association http://www.csomaonline.org
    CC/ASLA California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects http://www.asla-californiacouncil.org/index.html
    CAHMPC California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains http://www.harbormaster.org
    CAA California Academy of Audiology http://www.caaud.org
    CoSEIA Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association http://coseia.org
    CROA Colorado River Outfitters Association http://www.croa.org
    CCAH California Council for Affordable Housing http://www.californiacouncil.com
    CDLA California Dental Laboratory Association http://cdla.org
    CHBC California Hydrogen Business Council http://californiahydrogen.org
    CASE Colorado Association of School Executives http://co-case.org
    CPPA Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association http://plasticpipe.org/drainage/index.html
    COMSOC IEEE Communications Society http://comsoc.org
    CMPA California Mobilehome Parkowners Alliance http://www.mobilehomeparkstore.com/mhp_associations.htm
    CSA Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.csa-online.org
    CGGA Connecticut Greenhouse Growers Association http://www.flowersplantsinct.com/cgga_index.htm
    CCM Connecticut Conference of Municipalities http://www.ccm-ct.org
    CANPFA LeadingAge Connecticut http://www.leadingagect.org


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