April 16, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
CTIOA Ceramic Tile Institute of America http://ctioa.org
CAPA Certified Auto Parts Association http://capacertified.org
CAPA Certified Automotive Parts Association http://www.capacertified.org
CCPAC Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council http://ccpac.com
CCIM Certified Commercial Investment Members - Florida Chapter http://www.flccim.com
CCN Certified Contractors Network http://contractors.net
CPCO Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida http://www.cpcoofflorida.org
CSRS Cervical Spine Research Society http://csrs.org
CHA CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association http://cha-ahse.org
CDMA Chain Drug Marketing Association http://chaindrug.com
CLFMI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute http://associationsites.com/clfma/index.cfm
CMA Chamber Music America http://chamber-music.org
CCEO Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio http://www.cceohio.com
CCH Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii http://www.cochawaii.org
CSA Chamber of Shipping of America http://knowships.org
CHHS Charles Homer Haskins Society http://haskins.cornell.edu
CPSA Checks Payment Systems Association http://cpsa-checks.org
CIAA Cheese Importers Association of America, Inc. http://www.theciaa.org
CIAA Cheese Importers Association of America, Inc. http://theciaa.org
CCAI Chemical Coaters Association International http://ccaiweb.com
CDPWS Chemical Dependency Professionals of Washington State http://www.cdpws.net
CFFA Chemical Fabrics and Film Association http://chemicalfabricsandfilm.com
CHF Chemical Heritage Foundation http://chemheritage.org
CICI Chemical Industry Council of Illinois http://www.cicil.net
CIDX Chemical Industry Data Exchange http://www.cidx.org
CPDA Chemical Producers and Distributors Association http://www.cpda.com
CSA Chemical Sources Association http://chemicalsources.org
CCNJ Chemistry Council of New Jersey http://www.chemistrycouncilnj.org
CMI Cherry Marketing Institute http://choosecherries.com
COHS Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society http://www.cohs.org
CABA Chesapeake Automotive Business Association http://www.caba.biz
CSRC Chesapeake Region Safety Council, Inc. http://www.chesapeakesc.org
CWSRA Chester White Swine Record Association http://cpsswine.com/chester/chesterwhites.htm
CTPMA Chevron and Texaco Petroleum Marketers Association http://ctpma.net
CTPMA Chevron Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.ctpma.net/
CADM Chicago Association of Direct Marketing http://www.cadm.org
CIMA Chicago Interactive Marketing Association http://www.chicagoima.org
CHX Chicago Stock Exchange http://www.chx.com
CACE Chief Administrators of Catholic Education http://ncea.org
CEO Chief Executives Organization http://ceo.org
COSLA Chief Officers of State Libraries Agencies http://cosla.org
CPOA Chief Petty Officers Association http://uscgcpoa.org
CPOC Chief Probation Officers of California http://www.cpoc.org
CWOA Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association, United States Coast Guard http://cwoauscg.org
CCAI Child Care Association of Illinois http://cca-il.site-ym.com
CLC Child Life Council http://childlife.org
CNS Child Neurology Society http://www.childneurologysociety.org
CNS Child Neurology Society http://childneurologysociety.org
CSDA Child Support Directors Association http://www.csdaca.org
CWLA Child Welfare League of America http://cwla.org
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