December 19, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

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COSTA Connecticut School Transportation Association
CSHRM Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Managers
CSAE Connecticut Society of Association Executives
CSCPA Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants
CSEP Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians
CSMB Connecticut Society of Mortgage Brokers
CSPE Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers
CSA Connecticut Songwriters Association
CONSPA Connecticut Spa and Pool Association
CTAFL-CIO Connecticut State AFL-CIO
CSDA Connecticut State Dental Association
CSEA Connecticut State Employees Association
CSFA Connecticut State Firefighters Association
CSG Connecticut State Grange
CSMS Connecticut State Medical Society
CSSA Connecticut State Society of Anesthesiologists
CSA Connecticut Subcontractors Association
CTMA Connecticut Tooling and Machining Association
CTLA Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
CVMA Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association
CWWA Connecticut Water Well Association
CWWA Connecticut Water Works Association
CWHCM Connecticut Women in Healthcare Management
CPCA Conservation and Preservation Charities of America
CCCOGP Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers
CTIC Conservation Technology Information Center
CTA Consolidated Tape Association
CAM-I Consortium for Advanced Management, International
CGSM Consortium for Graduate Study in Management
CONAHEC Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration
CoSN Consortium for School Networking
CCUMC Consortium of College and University Media Centers
CFSO Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations
CFSO Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations
CoSN Consortium of School Networking
COSSA Consortium of Social Science Associations
CUWMA Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area
COFHE Consortium on Financing Higher Education
COAG Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia
CAM Construction Association of Michigan
CFMA Construction Financial Management Association
CIM Construction Industries of Massachusetts, Inc.
CIRI Construction Industries of Rhode Island
CIWA Construction Industries Wholesalers Association
CICPAC Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association
CIEA Construction Industry Employers Association
CIRT Construction Industry Round Table, Inc.
CITC Construction Industry Training Council of Washington
CMAA Construction Management Association of America
CMAA Construction Management Association of America
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