October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    CPTA Connecticut Physical Therapy Association http://ctpt.org/Default.asp
    CPMA Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association http://www.cpma.org
    CPCA Connecticut Police Chiefs Association http://www.cpcanet.org
    CPA Connecticut Poultry Association http://www.ctpoultry.com
    CHCACT Connecticut Primary Care Association http://www.chcact.org
    CTPPA Connecticut Professional Photographers Association http://ctppa.com
    CPS Connecticut Psychiatric Society http://ctpsych.org
    CPA Connecticut Psychological Association http://www.connpsych.org
    CPHA Connecticut Public Health Association http://www.cpha.info
    CT PRIMA Connecticut Public Risk Management Association http://www.ctprima.org
    CRA Connecticut Reading Association http://www.ctreading.org
    CTREIA Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association http://www.ctreia.com
    CRPA Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association http://crpa.com
    CRC Connecticut Recyclers Coalition http://www.ctrecyclers.org
    CRA Connecticut Restaurant Association http://www.ctrestaurant.org
    CRMA Connecticut Retail Merchants Association http://www.crmaonline.com
    CRBA Connecticut Road Builders Association http://ctconstruction.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3289
    CRCA Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association http://www.crcainc.org
    COSTA Connecticut School Transportation Association http://www.ctschoolbus.org
    CSHRM Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Managers http://www.cshrm.org
    CSAE Connecticut Society of Association Executives http://csae.net
    CSCPA Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.ctcpas.org
    CSEP Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians http://www.connecticutsocietyofeyephysicians.com
    CSMB Connecticut Society of Mortgage Brokers http://www.csmbct.com
    CSPD Connecticut Society of Pediatric Dentists http://www.cspdweb.org/
    CSPE Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers http://www.ctspe.net
    CSA Connecticut Songwriters Association http://www.ctsongs.com
    CONSPA Connecticut Spa and Pool Association http://conspa.org
    CTAFL-CIO Connecticut State AFL-CIO http://ctaflcio.org
    CSDA Connecticut State Dental Association http://www.csda.com
    CSEA Connecticut State Employees Association http://seiu2001.org
    CSFA Connecticut State Firefighters Association http://csfa.org
    CSGA Connecticut State Golf Association http://www.csgalinks.org/
    CSG Connecticut State Grange http://ctstategrange.org
    CSMS Connecticut State Medical Society http://www.csms.org
    CSSA Connecticut State Society of Anesthesiologists http://cssahq.org
    CSA Connecticut Subcontractors Association http://connecticutsubcontractors.org
    CTMA Connecticut Tooling and Machining Association http://www.ct-ntma.org
    CTLA Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association http://cttriallawyers.org
    CVMA Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association http://www.ctvet.org
    CWWA Connecticut Water Well Association http://www.cwwa.org
    CWWA Connecticut Water Works Association http://www.cwwa.org
    CWHCM Connecticut Women in Healthcare Management http://www.cwhcm.org
    CWGA Connecticut Women's Golf Association http://www.cwga.org/CWGA
    CPCA Conservation and Preservation Charities of America http://conservenow.org
    CCCOGP Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers http://www.cccogp.org
    CTIC Conservation Technology Information Center http://ctic.purdue.edu
    CAT Conservatorship Association of Tennessee http://www.catenn.org
    CTA Consolidated Tape Association http://nysedata.com/cta
    CAM-I Consortium for Advanced Management, International http://cam-i.org


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