October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
CCA Corporate Council on Africa http://www.africacncl.org
CCUL Cornerstone Credit Union League http://www.acul.org
CRA Corn Refiners Association, Inc. http://www.corn.org
CGANC Corn Growers Association of North Carolina http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/plymouth/cropsci/corn_growers/ind
CCA Copywriters Council of America http://andrewlinickdirectmarketing.com/CCA4U.h
CSUSA Copyright Society of the U.S.A. http://csusa.org
CDA Copper Development Association http://www.copper.org
CBSA Copper and Brass Servicenter Association http://copper-brass.org
CBFC Copper and Brass Fabricators Council http://cbfc.us
CDA Copier Dealers Association http://cdainfo.org
CRC Coordinating Research Council http://www.crcao.org
CCWH Coordinating Council for Women in History http://theccwh.org
CEIA Cooperative Education and Internship Association http://ceiainc.org
CCNC Cooperative Council of North Carolina http://ccnc.coop
CCOSA Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration http://www.ccosa.org
COS Cooper Ornithological Society http://www.cooper.org
CTI Cooling Technology Institute http://cti.org
CMA Cookware Manufacturers Association http://cookware.org
CASBA Cookie and Snack Bakers Association http://casba.us
CEMA Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association http://cemanet.org
CEMA Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association http://cema-converting.org
CAID Convention of American Instructors of the DeafConvention of American Instructors of the Deaf http://caid.org
CIC Convention Industry Council http://conventionindustry.org
CCFMA Convenience Caterers & Food Manufacturers Association http://mobilecaterers.com
CRS Controlled Release Society http://controlledrelease.org
CETA Controlled Environment Testing Association http://cetainternational.org
CPB Contractors Pump Bureau http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=22
CAWV Contractors Association of West Virginia http://www.cawv.org
CPA Contract Packaging Association http://contractpackaging.org
CDC Continental Dorset Club http://dorsets.homestead.com
CDSA Content Delivery and Storage Association http://www.cdsaonline.org
CDSA Content Delivery and Security Association http://cdsaonline.org
CII Containerization and Intermodal Institute http://containerization.org
CLSA Contact Lens Society of America http://clsa.info
CLMA Contact Lens Manufacturers Association http://clma.net
CLC Contact Lens Council http://mycontactlenses.org
CLAO Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists http://clao.org
CSPA Consumer Specialty Products Association http://cspa.org
CSPA Consumer Specialty Products Association http://www.cspa.org
CHPA Consumer Healthcare Products Association http://www.chpa-info.org
CHA Consumer Health Alliance http://consumerhealthalliance.org
CIES Consumer Goods Forum http://ciesnet.com
CEA Consumer Electronics Association http://www.ce.org
CDIA Consumer Data Industry Association http://cdiaonline.org
CDIA Consumer Data Industry Association http://www.cdiaonline.org
CCIA Consumer Credit Industry Association http://cciaonline.com
CBA Consumer Bankers Association http://cbanet.org
CBA Consumer Bankers Association http://www.cbanet.org
CAOC Consumer Attorneys of California http://www.caoc.com
CAPCO Consumer Aerosol Products Council http://aerosolproducts.org
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