February 06, 2016

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    Acronym Organization Namesort ascending Website
    CHPA Consumer Healthcare Products Association http://chpa-info.org
    CHA Consumer Health Alliance http://consumerhealthalliance.org
    CIES Consumer Goods Forum http://ciesnet.com
    CEA Consumer Electronics Association http://ce.org
    CDIA Consumer Data Industry Association http://cdiaonline.org
    CDIA Consumer Data Industry Association http://cdiaonline.org
    CCIA Consumer Credit Industry Association http://cciaonline.com
    CBA Consumer Bankers Association http://cbanet.org
    CBA Consumer Bankers Association http://cbanet.org
    CAOC Consumer Attorneys of California http://www.caoc.com
    CAPCO Consumer Aerosol Products Council http://aerosolproducts.org
    CDHCF Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities http://cdhcf.org
    CWA Construction Writers Association http://constructionwriters.org/
    CURT Construction Users Roundtable http://curt.org
    CSA Construction Suppliers Association http://gocsa.com
    CSI Construction Specifications Institute http://csinet.org
    COAA Construction Owners Association of America http://coaa.org
    CMRC Construction Marketing Research Council http://c-m-r-c.com
    CMAA-Ohio Construction Management Association of America - Ohio Chapter http://www.cmaaohio.org
    CMAA Construction Management Association of America http://cmaanet.org
    CMAA Construction Management Association of America http://cmaanet.org
    CITC Construction Industry Training Council of Washington http://www.citcwa.com
    CIRT Construction Industry Round Table, Inc. http://cirt.org
    CII Construction Industry Institute http://construction-institute.org/scriptcontent/Index.cfm?CFID=19672984&CFTOKEN=...
    CIEA Construction Industry Employers Association http://www.ceacisp.org
    CICPAC Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association http://cicpac.com
    CIWA Construction Industries Wholesalers Association http://www.ciwa.org
    CIRI Construction Industries of Rhode Island http://www.ciri.net
    CIM Construction Industries of Massachusetts, Inc. http://www.cimass.org
    CFMA Construction Financial Management Association http://cfma.org
    CAM Construction Association of Michigan http://www.cam-online.com
    COAG Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia http://coag.info
    COFHE Consortium on Financing Higher Education http://web.mit.edu/cofhe
    CUWMA Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area http://www.consortium.org
    COSSA Consortium of Social Science Associations http://cossa.org
    COSN Consortium of School Networking http://cosn.org
    CMSC Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers http://mscare.org/
    CFSO Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations http://thecfso.org
    CFSO Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations http://thecfso.org
    CCUMC Consortium of College and University Media Centers http://ccumc.org
    CoSN Consortium for School Networking http://www.cosn.org
    CONAHEC Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration http://conahec.org
    CGSM Consortium for Graduate Study in Management http://cgsm.org
    CAM-I Consortium for Advanced Management, International http://cam-i.org
    CTA Consolidated Tape Association http://nysedata.com/cta
    CAT Conservatorship Association of Tennessee http://www.catenn.org
    CTIC Conservation Technology Information Center http://ctic.purdue.edu
    CCCOGP Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers http://www.cccogp.org
    CPCA Conservation and Preservation Charities of America http://conservenow.org
    CWGA Connecticut Women's Golf Association http://www.cwga.org/CWGA


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