October 31, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
CCMI Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute http://cashmere.org
CAL Casino Association of Louisiana http://www.casinosoflouisiana.com
CFSA Casket and Funeral Supply Association of America http://cfsaa.org
CISPI Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute http://cispi.org
CSI Cast Stone Institute http://caststone.org
CISA Casting Industry Suppliers Association http://cisa.org
CAS Casualty Actuarial Society http://www.casact.org
CRSA Catalogue Raisonne Scholars Association http://catalogueraisonne.org
CC Catecholamine Club http://catecholamineclub.org
CFA Catfish Farmers of America http://www.catfishfarmersofamerica.com
CACP Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals http://catholicacademy.org
CADEIO Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers http://cadeio.org
CBPA Catholic Book Publishers Association http://www.cbpa.org
CCMA Catholic Campus Ministry Association http://ccmanet.org
CCC Catholic Cemetery Conference http://catholiccemeteryconference.org
CCC Catholic Cemetery Conference http://ntriplec.com
CHAT Catholic Health Association of Texas http://www.chatexas.org
CHA Catholic Health Association of the United States http://www.chausa.org
CHA Catholic Health Association of the United States http://chausa.org
CLA Catholic Library Association http://cathla.org
CMA Catholic Medical Association http://cathmed.org
CPA Catholic Press Association http://catholicpress.org
CRA Catholic Radio Association http://www.catholicradioassociation.org
CSAANYS Catholic School Administrators Association of New York State http://csaanys.org
CTSA Catholic Theological Society of America http://ctsa-online.org
CBB Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board http://beefboard.org
CPWD Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors http://caucus.org
CWIS Caucus for Women in Statistics http://caucusforwomeninstatistics.com
CCIM CCIM Institute http://www.ccim.com
CCNMA CCNMA: Latino Journalists of California http://ccnma.org
CDF CDF Firefighters http://www.cdffirefighters.org
CSSB Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau http://cedarbureau.org
CISCA Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association http://cisca.org
CIMA Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association http://cellulose.org/CIMA/
CCT Cement Council of Texas http://www.cementx.org
CKRC Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition http://ckrc.org
CCPA Cemented Carbide Producers Association http://ccpa.org
CMAC Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California http://www.cmaccalifornia.org
CAO Cemetery Association of Oregon http://www.cemeteryassociationoforegon.com
CAT Cemetery Association of Tennessee http://cemeterytn.com
CEIR Center for Exhibition Industry Research http://ceir.org
CNPC Center for Non-Profit Corporations http://www.njnonprofits.org
CRL Center for Research Libraries http://www.crl.edu
CSEE Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education http://csee.org
CWRT Center for Waste Reduction Technologies http://awsmonline.org
CAPA Central Atlantic Payphone Association http://www.capaphones.com
CBSFA Central Bering Sea Fisherman's Association http://www.cbsfa.com
CCSNM Central Chapter - Society of Nuclear Medicine http://ccsnm.org
CCHA Central College Health Association http://www.acha.org/CCHA/index.html
CCAR Central Conference of American Rabbis http://ccarnet.org
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