October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CEL Council for Ethical Leadership http://www.businessethics.org
CEL Conference on English Leadership http://ncte.org/cel
CELA California Employment Lawyers Association http://www.cela.org
CEMA Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association http://cemanet.org
CEMA Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association http://cema-converting.org
CEMA Connecticut Educational Media Association http://www.ctcema.org
CEMA Connecticut Energy Marketers Association http://www.icpa.org
CEMA Corporate Event Marketing Association http://cemaonline.com
CEO Chief Executives Organization http://www.managedfunds.org
CERA Central Electric Railfans Association http://www.cera-chicago.org
CERCA Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement http://cerca.org
CERF The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation http://erf.org
CerMA Ceramic Manufacturers Association http://www.cerma.org
CES Council for European Studies http://councilforeuropeanstudies.org
CES Coalition of Essential Schools http://essentialschools.org
CESI Council for Elementary Science International http://cesiscience.org
CESSE Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives http://cesse.org
CETA California Educational Theatre Association http://www.cetoweb.org
CETA Controlled Environment Testing Association http://cetainternational.org
CETA Cleaning Equipment Trade Association http://ceta.org
CETPA California Educational Technology Professionals Association http://cetpa.net
CEW Cosmetic Executive Women http://www.cew.org
CFA Connecticut Food Association http://ctfoodassociation.org
CFA Connecticut Florists Association http://www.connecticutflorist.com
CFA California Forestry Association http://www.foresthealth.org
CFA Concrete Foundations Association http://cfawalls.org
CFA California Fashion Association http://www.calfashion.org
CFA Catfish Farmers of America http://www.catfishfarmersofamerica.com
CFA Commerical Finance Association http://www.cfa.com/eweb
CFA California Forestry Association http://www.calforests.org
CFA Commercial Finance Association http://cfa.com
CFAB California Fig Advisory Board http://www.californiafigs.com
CFAE Council for Art Education http://www.acminet.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=
CFB Colorado Farm Bureau http://coloradofarmbureau.com
CFBA Connecticut Farm Bureau Association http://www.cfba.org
CFBF California Farm Bureau Federation http://www.cfbf.com
CFBPW California Federation of Business and Professional Women http://www.bpwcal.org
CFCA Communications Fraud Control Association http://cfca.org
CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association http://www.calchiefs.org
CFCSI Coalition for Family and Children's Services in Iowa http://www.iachild.org
CFDA Colorado Funeral Directors Association http://www.cofda.org
CFDA Council of Fashion Designers of America http://cfda.com
CFDA Connecticut Funeral Directors Association http://www.ctfda.org
CFDA California Funeral Directors Association http://www.cafda.org
CFECA California Film Extruders and Converters Association http://www.cfeca.org
CFESA Commercial Food Equipment Service Association http://cfesa.com
CFF Colorado Floriculture Foundation http://www.coloradofloriculture.com
CFFA Chemical Fabrics and Film Association http://chemicalfabricsandfilm.com
CFH Conference on Faith and History http://huntington.edu/cfh/default.htm
CFHA Collaborative Family Healthcare Association http://cfha.net
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