July 25, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    CDMA Chain Drug Marketing Association http://chaindrug.com
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board http://www.californiadriedplums.org
    CDPB California Dried Plum Board http://www.californiadriedplums.org
    CDPWS Chemical Dependency Professionals of Washington State http://www.cdpws.net
    CDS Community Development Society http://comm-dev.org
    CDSA Content Delivery and Storage Association http://www.cdsaonline.org
    CDSA Content Delivery and Security Association http://cdsaonline.org
    CDSA California Disability Services Association http://www.cal-dsa.org
    CDSS Country Dance and Song Society of America http://cdss.org
    CDTOA California Dump Truck Owners Association http://www.cdtoa.org
    CDVCA Community Development Venture Capital Alliance http://cdvca.org
    CEA Correctional Education Association http://ceanational.org
    CEA California Employers Association http://www.employers.org
    CEA California Escrow Association http://ceaescrow.org
    CEA Connecticut Education Association http://www.cea.org
    CEA Consumer Electronics Association http://ce.org
    CEA County Executives of America http://countyexecutives.org
    CEA College English Association http://cea-web.org
    CEA Coal Exporters Association of the U.S. http://nma.org/about/cea_page.asp
    CEA Colorado Education Association http://www.coloradoea.org
    CEA-1 Correctional Education Association - Region 1 http://www.cearegion1.org
    CEAC California Employer Advisory Council http://ceac.org
    CEAC County Engineers Association of California http://www.ceaccounties.org
    CEAI Christian Educators Association International http://ceai.org
    CEAM County Engineers Association of Maryland http://www.countyengineers-md.org/
    CEAO County Engineers Association of Ohio http://www.ceao.org
    CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf http://ceasd.org
    CEASD Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf http://ceasd.org
    CEB Council on Employee Benefits http://ceb.org
    CEC Council for Exceptional Children http://cec.sped.org
    CEC Cryogenic Engineering Conference http://cec-icmc.org
    CECA Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association http://carolinaseca.org
    CECPR Council for Professional Recognition http://cdacouncil.org
    CED Council on Education of the Deaf http://councilondeafed.org
    CEDIA Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association http://cedia.net
    CEDS Council for Educational Diagnosticians http://ceds.us
    CEE Conference on English Education http://ncte.org/cee
    CEEC Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council http://ceecinc.org
    CEF Creative Education Foundation http://creativeeducationfoundation.org
    CEFPI Council of Educational Facility Planners International http://cefpi.org
    CEHA California Environmental Health Association http://www.ceha.org
    CEI Computer Ethics Institute http://computerethicsinstitute.org
    CEIA Cooperative Education and Internship Association http://ceiainc.org
    CEIR Center for Exhibition Industry Research http://ceir.org
    CEL Council for Ethical Leadership http://www.businessethics.org
    CEL Conference on English Leadership http://ncte.org/cel
    CELA Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture http://thecela.org
    CELA California Employment Lawyers Association http://www.cela.org
    CEMA Connecticut Energy Marketers Association http://ctema.com
    CEMA Connecticut Educational Media Association http://www.ctcema.org


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