April 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CNLA Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.flowersplantsinct.com/cnla_index.htm
CNNT Council of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians http://kidney.org/professionals/CNNT/aboutcnnt.cfm
CNOA California Narcotic Officers Association http://cnoa.org
CNPA California Newspaper Publishers Association http://www.cnpa.com
CNPC Center for Non-Profit Corporations http://www.njnonprofits.org
CNS Congress of Neurological Surgeons http://cns.org
CNS Child Neurology Society http://childneurologysociety.org
CNS Child Neurology Society http://www.childneurologysociety.org
CNSDA California-Nevada Soft Drink Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
COA Colorado Optometric Association http://www.visioncare.org
COA Coal Operators and Associates http://www.miningusa.com/coa
COA California Orthopaedic Association http://www.coa.org
COA Connecticut Opticians Association http://www.ctopticians.com
COA Colorado Outfitters Association http://www.coloradooutfitters.org
COA Council of the Americas http://as-coa.org
COA Commissioned Officers Association of the United States Public Health Service http://coausphs.org
COA California Optometric Association http://www.coavision.org
COA Coal Operators and Associates http://miningusa.com/coa
COAA Construction Owners Association of America http://coaa.org
COACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Colorado Chapter http://www.coacep.org
COAFLCIO Colorado AFL-CIO http://www.coaflcio.org
COAG Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia http://www.coag.info
COAI Clowns of America International http://coai.org
CoALL Colorado Association of Law Libraries http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/coall
CoAND Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors http://www.coloradond.org
COAT County Officials Association of Tennessee http://www.coatn.org
COCPA Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.cocpa.org
COCRA California Official Court Reporters Association http://cocra.org
COCSA Congress of Chiropractic State Associations http://cocsa.org
COCSA Congress of Chiropractic State Associations http://www.cocsa.org
CODSIA Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations http://codsia.org
COE Council for Opportunity in Education http://www.coenet.us
COE Council on Occupational Education http://council.org
COE Council for Opportunity in Education http://coenet.us
COF Council on Foundations http://cof.org
COF Council on Foundations http://www.cof.org
COFE Council On Forest Engineering http://cofe.org
COFHE Consortium on Financing Higher Education http://web.mit.edu/cofhe
COFPA Financial Planning Association of Colorado http://www.cofpa.org
COGA Colorado Oil and Gas Associates http://www.coga.org
COGEL Council on Governmental Ethics Laws http://cogel.org
COGR Council on Governmental Relations http://cogr.edu
COGS Council of Graphological Societies http://handwriting.org/cogs/cogsmain.htm
COHEAO Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations http://coheao.com
COHEAO Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations http://www.coheao.com
COHS Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society http://www.cohs.org
COLA COLA http://cola.org
COLA California Optical Laboratories Association http://www.colalabs.net
COLT Council on Library-Media Technicians http://colt.ucr.edu
COMISS Network COMISS Network - The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings http://comissnetwork.org
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