July 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CTCI Classic Thunderbird Club International http://www.ctci.org
CTDA Custom Tailors and Designers Association of America http://ctda.com
CTDA California Tire Dealers Association http://www.catiredealers.com
CTDA Ceramic Tile Distributors Association http://ctdahome.org
CTFA California Tree Fruit Agreement http://www.caltreefruit.com
CTGA California Tomato Growers Association http://ctga.org
CTGC California Table Grape Commission http://tablegrape.com
CTGC California Table Grape Commission http://www.tablegrape.com
CTHIMA Connecticut Health Information Management Association http://www.cthima.org
CTHRA Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association http://cthra.com
CTI Cooling Technology Institute http://cti.org
CTIA CTIA - The Wireless Association http://ctia.org
CTIA CTIA - The Wireless Association http://www.ctia.org
CTIC Conservation Technology Information Center http://ctic.purdue.edu
CTIOA Ceramic Tile Institute of America http://ctioa.org
CTLA Colorado Trial Lawyers Association http://www.ctlanet.org
CTLA Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association http://www.cttriallawyers.org
CTMA Connecticut Tooling and Machining Association http://www.ct-ntma.org
CTP The Coalition for Transportation Productivity http://transportationproductivity.org
CTPMA Chevron Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.ctpma.net/
CTPMA Chevron and Texaco Petroleum Marketers Association http://ctpma.net
CTPPA Connecticut Professional Photographers Association http://ctppa.com
CTRA California Tax Reform Association http://caltaxreform.org
CTREIA Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association http://www.ctreia.com
CTRN Colorado Technical Recruiters Network http://www.ctrn.org
CTRN Colorado Talent Recruitment Network http://www.ctrn.org
CTS California Thoracic Society http://www.calthoracic.org
CTS College Theology Society http://collegetheology.org
CTSA Catholic Theological Society of America http://ctsa-online.org
CTSAA Ceramic Tile and Stone Association of Arizona http://www.ctsaaonline.com
CTSI Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI) http://ct-si.org
CTTA California Tow Truck Association http://ctta.com
CTTE Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education http://ctteonline.org
CTTE Council on Technology Teacher Education http://ctteonline.org
CUA California Urological Association http://cuanet.org
CUAC The Credit Union Association of Colorado http://www.colocu.com
CUAD Credit Union Association of the Dakotas http://www.cuad.coop
CUANM Credit Union Association of New Mexico http://www.cuanm.org
CUANY Credit Union Association of New York (formerly NYS Credit Union League) http://www.cuany.org
CUANY Credit Union Association of New York http://www.cuany.org
CUAO Credit Union Association of Oregon http://www.cuao.org
CUAOK Credit Union Association of Oklahoma http://creditunionhouseok.com
CUCA Carolina Utility Customers Association, Inc. http://cucainc.org
CUES Credit Union Executives Society http://www.cues.org
CULCT Credit Union League of Connecticut http://culct.coop
CUNA Credit Union National Association, Inc. http://www.cuna.org
CUPA-HR College and University Professional Association for Human Resources http://www.cupahr.org
CUR Council on Undergraduate Research http://www.cur.org
CURT Construction Users Roundtable http://curt.org
CUWMA Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area http://www.consortium.org
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