October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CCEO Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio http://cceohio.com
    CH Capital Health http://capitalhealth.org
    CADA Colorado Athletics Directors Association http://www.coloradoad.org
    CAPOW Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin http://www.capow.org
    CWONJ Car Wash Operators of New Jersey http://www.cwonj.com
    CEEC Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council http://ceecinc.org
    CHPA Combat Helicopter Pilots Association http://chpa-us.org
    COCRA California Official Court Reporters Association http://cocra.org
    CASL California Association of Student Leaders http://www.casl1.org
    CACEO California Association of Code Enforcement Officers http://www.caceo.us
    CMIA Community Managers International Association http://cmiamanager.org
    CIC Carpenters Industrial Council http://cic-ubc.org
    CNJSCL The Council of New Jersey State College Locals http://cnjscl.org
    CHC Community Health Charities of America http://healthcharities.org
    CCP Connecticut Council for Philanthropy http://www.ctphilanthropy.org
    CNJG Council of New Jersey Grantmakers http://cnjg.org
    CSAPN Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses http://csapn.enpnetwork.com
    CTAPRNS Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society http://ctaprns.org
    CALMS California Lake Management Society http://www.california-lakes.org
    CHFA Colorado Hay and Forage Association http://www.coloradohay.org
    CHC California Community Health Charities of California http://california.healthcharities.org
    CHC Community Health Charities Colorado http://colorado.healthcharities.org
    CHCMD Community Health Charities of Maryland http://maryland.healthcharities.org
    CHC-NCA Community Health Charities of the National Capital Area http://nca.healthcharities.org
    CHCI Community Health Charities Iowa http://iowa.healthcharities.org
    CHC-KS/MO Community Health Charities of Kansas & Missouri http://ksmo.healthcharities.org
    CHCMI Community Health Charities of Michigan http://michigan.healthcharities.org
    CHC-NY Community Health Charities of New York http://newyork.healthcharities.org
    CHC-OH Community Health Charities of Ohio http://ohio.healthcharities.org
    CHC-OR Community Health Charities of Oregon http://oregon.healthcharities.org
    CHCTN Community Health Charities of Tennessee http://tennessee.healthcharities.org
    CHC Community Health Charities of Texas http://texas.healthcharities.org
    CHCWA Community Health Charities of Washington State http://washington.healthcharities.org
    CHCWI Community Health Charities of Wisconsin http://wisconsin.healthcharities.org
    CCHA Central College Health Association http://www.acha.org/CCHA/index.html
    CSHRM California Society for Healthcare Risk Management http://www.cshrmca.org
    CHARM Colorado Healthcare Associated Risk Managers http://www.charmcolorado.org
    CSHRM Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Managers http://www.cshrm.org
    CTABT Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers http://www.ccsu.edu/CTABT
    CMA California Monument Association http://www.californiamonument.org
    CSROA California School Resource Officers' Association http://www.csroa.org
    CDPWS Chemical Dependency Professionals of Washington State http://www.cdpws.net
    CETA California Educational Theatre Association http://www.cetoweb.org
    CADM Chicago Association of Direct Marketing http://www.cadm.org
    CT NOFA Connecticut NOFA http://ctnofa.org
    CASE Council of Administrators of Special Education http://casecec.org
    CAMP California Association of Mortgage Professionals http://www.ca-amp.org
    CSFF Commercial Space Flight Federation http://commercialspaceflight.org
    CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers Association http://colobiota.org
    CalABT California Association of Biology Teachers http://calabt.org


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