April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CAOG The Central Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists http://www.caog.org
CAORC Council of American Overseas Research Centers http://caorc.org
CAP College of American Pathologists http://cap.org
CAP Community Action Partnership http://communityactionpartnership.com
CAP College of American Pathologists http://www.cap.org
CAP Colorado Association of Psychotherapists http://www.coloradopsychotherapists.com
CAPA Colorado Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.coloradopas.org
CAPA Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association http://www.co-asphalt.com
CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts http://capa.com
CAPA California Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.capanet.org
CAPA Central Atlantic Payphone Association http://www.capaphones.com
CAPA Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association http://www.carolinaasphalt.org
CAPA Certified Automotive Parts Association http://www.capacertified.org
CAPA The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations http://capapilots.org
CAPA California Association of Port Authorities http://www.californiaports.org
CAPA Certified Auto Parts Association http://capacertified.org
CAPAPGPC California Association of Public Administrators, Public Guardians and Public Conservators http://www.capapgpc.org
CAPC California Association of Public Cemeteries http://www.capc.info
CAPCA California Association of Pest Control Advisors http://capca.com
CAPCO Consumer Aerosol Products Council http://aerosolproducts.org
CAPCOA California Air Pollution Control Officers Association http://www.capcoa.org
CAPE Council for American Private Education http://capenet.org
CAPED California Association of Postsecondary Education and Disability http://www.caped.net
CAPG California Association of Physician Groups http://ww.capg.org
CAPG California Association of Physician Groups http://www.capg.org
CAPH California Association of Public Hospitals http://www.caph.org
CAPH California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems http://www.caph.org
CAPM Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management http://www.capminc.org
CAPOW Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin http://www.capow.org
CAPPO California Association of Public Procurement Officials Inc. http://www.cappo.org
CAPPO California Association of Public Purchasing Officers http://www.cappo.org
CAPPS California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools http://www.cappsonline.org
CAPS California Association of Professional Scientists http://www.capsscientists.org
CAPSEF Connecticut Association of Private Special Education Facilities http://www.capsef.org
CAPSS The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents http://www.capss.org
CAPT California Association of Psychiatric Technicians http://www.psych-health.com
CAPTA California State Parent Teacher Association http://www.capta.org
CAPTO California Association of Police Training Officers http://www.capto-online.org
CAR Colorado Association of REALTORS http://coloradorealtors.com
CAR Colorado Automotive Recyclers http://www.coloradoautorecyclers.com
CAR California Association of Realtors http://www.car.org
CAR Connecticut Association of Realtors http://www.ctrealtor.com
CAR California Association of Realtors http://www.car.org
CARA Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association http://www.ctcar.org
CARA California Advancement Researchers Association http://www.caresearchers.org
CARA Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association http://www.coloradoautorecyclers.com
CARCD California Association of Resource Conservation Districts http://www.carcd.org
CARH Council for Affordable and Rural Housing http://carh.org
CARLJS Council of Archives and Research Libraries in Jewish Studies http://www.jewishculture.org
CARPD California Association of Recreation and Parks Districts http://www.carpd.net
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