October 30, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CCBA The Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association http://ccbanet.com
CCBA California Craft Brewing Association http://www.californiacraftbeer.com
CCBD Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders http://ccbd.net
CCBO Community College Business Officers http://ccbo.org
CCC Catholic Cemetery Conference http://catholiccemeteryconference.org
CCC Canola Council of Canada http://canolacouncil.org
CCC Calorie Control Council http://caloriecontrol.org
CCC Car Care Council http://carcare.org
CCC Carpet Cushion Council http://carpetcushion.org
CCC Christian College Consortium http://ccconsortium.org
CCC Catholic Cemetery Conference http://ntriplec.com
CCCA California Contract Cities Association http://www.contractcities.org
CCCA Coal Conversion Counties Association http://www.ndenergy.org
CCCA Classic Car Club of America http://www.classiccarclub.org
CCCC Conference on College Composition and Communication http://ncte.org/cccc
CCCH Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii http://chinesechamber.com
CCCMHA California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies http://www.cccmha.org
CCCOGP Conservation Committee of California Oil and Gas Producers http://www.cccogp.org
CCCU Council for Christian Colleges and Universities http://www.cccu.org
CCDA California Career Development Association http://www.ccdaweb.org
CCE Council on Chiropractic Education http://cce-usa.org
CCEA California Continuation Education Association http://www.cceanet.org
CCEEB California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance http://www.cceeb.org
CCEO Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio http://www.cceohio.com
CCEP Connecticut College of Emergency Physicians http://ctacep.org
CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://www.ccfc.org
CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://ccfc.org
CCFL Conference on Consumer Finance Law http://ccflonline.org
CCFMA Convenience Caterers & Food Manufacturers Association http://mobilecaterers.com
CCFSA Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies http://www.ctfsa.org
CCGA Colorado Corn Growers Association http://www.coloradocorn.com
CCGGA California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations http://www.ccgga.org
CCH Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii http://www.cochawaii.org
CCHA California Association of Children's Hospitals http://www.ccha.org
CCHA Central College Health Association http://www.acha.org/CCHA/index.html
CCHA Community Colleges Humanities Association http://ccha-assoc.org
CCHA The Central College Health Association http://www.acha.org/CCHA/index.html
CCHA California Children's Hospital Association http://www.ccha.org
CCHEST Council on Certification of Health, Environmental and Safety Technologists http://www.cchest.org
CCHN Colorado Community Health Network http://www.cchn.org
CCHPC The Connecticut Council for Hospice and Palliative Care http://www.cthospice.org
CCI Colorado Counties, Inc. http://www.ccionline.org
CCI Cotton Council International http://www.cottonusa.org
CCI Cardiovascular Credentialing International http://cci-online.org
CCIA Colorado Cleantech Industry Association http://www.coloradocleantech.com
CCIA Connecticut Construction Industries Association http://www.ctconstruction.org
CCIA Consumer Credit Industry Association http://cciaonline.com
CCIA California Crop Improvement Association http://ccia.ucdavis.edu
CCIA Computer and Communications Industry Association http://www.ccianet.org
CCIDC California Council for Interior Design Certification http://www.ccidc.org
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