October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    EASA Electrical Apparatus Service Association http://easa.com
    EERA Electrical Equipment Representatives Association http://eera.org
    EGSA Electrical Generating Systems Association http://egsa.org
    ECS The Electrochemical Society http://electrochem.org
    ETA Electronics Technicians Association International http://eta-i.org
    ERA Electronics Representatives Association http://era.org
    ERC Worldwide ERC http://worldwideerc.org
    EMRA Emergency Medicine Residents' Association http://emra.org
    ECMA Engineering College Magazines Associated http://ecmaweb.org
    ENTELEC Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association http://entelec.org
    EMBS IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society http://embs.org
    EMGS Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society http://emgs-us.org
    ESP Epsilon Sigma Phi http://espnational.com
    ESA Equipment Service Association http://2esa.org
    ETI Equipment and Tool Institute http://etools.org
    ECPA Evangelical Christian Publishers Association http://ecpa.org
    EPA Evangelical Press Association http://epassoc.org
    ECLA Evangelical Church Library Association http://eclalibraries.org
    EDPA Exhibit Designers and Producers Association http://edpa.com
    EPIC Evidence Photographers International Council http://evidencephotographers.com
    EJMA Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc. http://ejma.org
    ESCSI Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute http://escsi.org
    ESCA Exhibition Services and Contractors Association http://esca.org
    EIMA Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems Industry Members Association (EIMA) http://eima.com
    EMDA Equipment Marketing and Distribution Association http://emda.net
    EMCWA Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Association http://emcwa.org
    EILN Ecumenical and Interreligious Leaders Network http://eiln.org
    ECIA Electronic Components Industry Association http://eciaonline.org
    ELA Education Law Association http://educationlaw.org
    ETA Energy Traffic Association http://energytraffic.org
    EWA Enterprise Wireless Alliance http://enterprisewireless.org
    EAA Ecuadorean American Association http://ecuadoreanamericanassociation.org
    EFI Energy Frontiers International http://energyfrontiers.org
    ESPA Event Service Professionals Association http://acomonline.org
    ERII Espionage Research Institute International http://erii.org
    ETA Embroidery Trade Association http://embroiderytrade.org
    ESDA Electrostatic Discharge Association http://esda.org
    EdTA Educational Theatre Association http://schooltheatre.org
    ECUC Education Credit Union Council http://ecuc.org
    ESA The Exercise Safety Association http://exercisesafety.com
    EASNA Employee Assistance Society of North America http://easna.org
    ECI The Evaporative Cooling Institute http://evapcooling.org
    EMTA EMTA - Trade Association for the Emerging Markets http://emta.org
    ECEDHA Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association http://ecedha.org
    EERI Earthquake Engineering Research Institute http://eeri.org
    ECA Express Carriers Association http://expresscarriers.com
    EDRA Environmental Design Research Association http://edra.org
    ECFA Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability http://ecfa.org
    EBA Environmental Bankers Association http://envirobank.org
    EEGS Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society http://eegs.org


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