October 30, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
FWI Financial Women International http://www.fwi.org
FWA Financial Women's Association of New York http://www.fwa.org
FACC Finnish American Chamber of Commerce http://facc-usa.com
FBA Finnsheep Breeders Association http://finnsheep.org
FEMSA Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association http://femsa.org
FAMA Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association http://fama.org
FDSOA Fire Department Safety Officers Association http://fdsoa.org
FDAC Fire Districts Association of California http://www.fdac.org
FEMA Fire Equipment Manufacturer's Association http://femalifesafety.org
FEMA Fire Equipment Manufacturer's Association http://femalifesafety.org
FMAA Fire Marshals Association of Alabama http://www.firemarshalsassociationofalabama.org
FMAM Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota http://www.fmam.org
FMAU Fire Marshals Association of Utah http://fmau.org
FPAN Fire Prevention Association of Nevada http://www.fpanevada.org
FSSA Fire Suppression Systems Association http://fssa.net
FASNY Firemen's Association of the State of New York http://fasny.com
FSMHA First State Manufactured Housing Association of Delaware http://firststatemha.org
FVOA Fishing Vessel Owners' Association http://fvoa.org
FIASI Fixed Income Analysts Society http://fiasi.org
FMAA Flag Manufacturers Association of America http://fmaa-usa.com
FMAA Flag Manufacturers Association of America http://fmaa-usa.com
FEMA Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association http://www.femaflavor.org
FEMA Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association http://femaflavor.org
FRA Fleet Reserve Association http://www.fra.org
FS Fleischner Society http://fleischner.org
FFBD Flexible Film & Bag Division http://www.plasticsindustry.org/IndustryGroups/con
FIBCA Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association http://fibca.com
FPA Flexible Packaging Association http://www.flexpack.org
FPPA Flexographic Prepress Platemakers Association http://fppa.net
FTA Flexographic Technical Association http://flexography.org
FSF Flight Safety Foundation http://flightsafety.org
FMA Floodplain Management Association http://www.floodplain.org
FCICA Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association http://fcica.com
FAFP Florida Academy of Family Physicians http://www.fafp.org
FDA Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics http://eatrightflorida.org
FAPA Florida Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.fapaonline.org
FAPA Florida Academy of Physicians Assistants http://www.fapaonline.org
FAC Florida Airports Council http://www.floridaairports.org
FADAA Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association http://www.fadaa.org
FACA Florida Animal Control Association http://floridaanimalcontrol.org
FAA Florida Apartment Association http://faahq.org
FAA Florida Aquaculture Association http://www.flaa.org
FAEA Florida Art Education Association http://www.faea.org
FASBO Florida ASBO http://www.fasbo.org
FALA Florida Assisted Living Association http://www.falausa.com
FACTE Florida Association for Career and Technical Education http://www.facte.org
FACCM Florida Association for Child Care Management http://www.faccm.org
FACA Florida Association for Community Action http://www.faca.org
FAME Florida Association for Media in Education http://www.floridamedia.org
FASD Florida Association for Staff Development http://www.fasdonline.org/
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