October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    FSC/LAF Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund http://www.federationsoutherncoop.com
    FSCL Florida Sugar Cane League http://sugarcaneleague.org
    FSCL Florida Sugar Cane League, Inc. http://www.sugarcaneleague.org
    FSEA Florida Society of Enrolled Agents http://fseaonline.com
    FSEA Foil and Specialty Effects Association http://fsea.com
    FSF Flight Safety Foundation http://flightsafety.org
    FSFA Florida State Firefighters' Association http://www.fsfa.com
    FSFPRS Florida Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery http://www.fsfprs.org
    FSFPS Florida Society of Facial Plastic Surgeons http://www.fsfprs.org
    FSG The Foodservice Group, Inc. http://fsgroup.com
    FSGA Florida Strawberry Growers Association http://flastrawberry.com
    FSGA Florida State Guardianship Association http://www.floridaguardians.com
    FSGS Florida Society of General Surgeons http://www.flsurgeons.org
    FSHC Federation of State Humanities Councils http://statehumanities.org
    FSHC Federation of State Humanities Councils http://statehumanities.org
    FSHP Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists http://www.fshp.org
    FSI Food Sanitation Institute http://foodsanitationinstitute.com/
    FSLA Florida Surplus Lines Association http://floridasurpluslinesassociation.com
    FSMA Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association http://fsmaonline.com
    FSMA Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association http://fsmaonline.com
    FSMB Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States http://fsmb.org
    FSMHA First State Manufactured Housing Association of Delaware http://firststatemha.org
    FSMS Florida Surveying and Mapping Society http://www.fsms.org
    FSMTA Florida State Massage Therapy Association http://fsmta.org
    FSN Florida Society of Neurology http://fsn.aan.com
    FSNA Florida School Nutrition Association http://www.floridaschoolnutrition.org
    FSO Florida Society of Ophthalmology http://www.mdeye.org
    FSOHNS Florida Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery http://fsohns.org
    FSOMS Florida Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons http://fsoms.org
    FSP Society of Financial Service Professionals http://financialpro.org
    FSP Florida Society of Pathologists http://www.flpath.org
    FSPA Florida State Pilots Association http://www.floridapilots.com
    FSPA Financial and Security Products Association http://fspa1.com
    FSPA Florida Pool and Spa Association/Florida Swimming Pool Association http://www.floridapoolpro.com
    FSR The Financial Services Roundtable http://fsround.org
    FSRC Florida Society for Respiratory Care http://fsrc.org
    FSSA Fire Suppression Systems Association http://fssa.net
    FSTA Fantasy Sports Trade Association http://fsta.site-ym.com
    FTA Federation of Tax Administrators http://taxadmin.org
    FTA Florida Trucking Association http://www.fltrucking.org
    FTA Flexographic Technical Association http://flexography.org
    FTBA Florida Transportation Builders' Association http://www.ftba.com
    FTBA Florida Transportation Builders Association http://www.ftba.com
    FTBOA Florida Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association http://ftboa.com
    FTC Florida Tomato Committee http://www.floridatomatoes.org
    FTCA Florida Tobacco and Candy Association http://www.ftca.org
    FTFFA Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association http://www.ftffa.com
    FTGA Florida Turfgrass Association http://www.ftga.org
    FTIA Florida Telecommunications Industry Association http://www.fltia.org
    FTPI Fiberglass Tank and Pipe Institute http://fiberglasstankandpipe.com


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