June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
GPAA Gold Prospectors Association of America http://goldprospectors.org
GPC Georgia Peanut Commission http://www.gapeanuts.com
GPCA Georgia Pest Control Association http://www.gpca.org
GPF Georgia Poultry Federation http://www.gapf.org
GPGA Georgia Propane Gas Association http://www.georgiapropane.org
GPGA Georgia Pecan Growers Association http://www.georgiapecan.org
GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association http://gphaonline.org
GPhA The Georgia Pharmacy Association http://gpha.org
GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association http://gphaonline.org
GPhA Georgia Pharmacy Association http://www.gpha.org
GPI National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers http://gpionline.org
GPI Glass Packaging Institute http://gpi.org
GPI Glass Packaging Institute http://gpi.org
GPLN Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network http://www.gapoultrylab.org
GPMA Georgia Podiatric Medical Association http://www.gapma.com
GPMSDC Great Plains Minority Supplier Development Council http://www.gpmsdc.com
GPPA Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association http://www.gapsychiatry.org
GPPA Georgia Pork Producers Association http://www.gapork.org
GPS Germany Philatelic Society http://germanyphilatelicsocietyusa.org
GPSA Gas Processors Suppliers Association http://gpsa.gpaglobal.org
GRA Governmental Research Association http://graonline.org
GRA Georgia Railroad Association http://www.georgiarailroad.org
GRA Georgia Retail Association http://www.georgiaretail.org
GRA Georgia Restaurant Association http://www.garestaurants.org
GRAA Golf Range Association of America http://golfrange.org
GRC Geothermal Resources Council http://geothermal.org
GRCA Golden Retriever Club of America http://grca.org
GRCOA Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association http://www.gcroa.org
GRCOA Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association http://gcroa.org
GRG Gastroenterology Research Group http://www.gastroresearch.org
GRPA Georgia Recreation and Park Association http://www.grpa.org
GRSS Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society http://grss-ieee.org
GRWA Georgia Rural Water Association http://www.grwa.org
GS Geochemical Society http://geochemsoc.org
GSA Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.gsahq.org
GSA Gerontological Society of America http://geron.org
GSA Georgia Soybean Association http://www.soygrowers.com/about/affiliates.htm
GSA Genetics Society of America http://genetics-gsa.org
GSA Georgia Sheriffs Association http://www.georgiasheriffs.org
GSA Geological Society of America http://geosociety.org
GSA Global Semiconductor Alliance http://gsaglobal.org
GSA Genetics Society of America http://genetics-gsa.org
GSA Georgia Securities Association http://www.gasec.org
GSACA Georgia School Age Care Association http://www.ciclt.net/gsaca
GSAE Georgia Society of Association Executives http://www.gsae.org
GSAHSA Gulf States Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.gulfstatesahsa.org
GSAHSA LeadingAge Gulf States http://gulfstatesahsa.org
GSASC Georgia Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers http://gsasc.org
GSBA Georgia School Boards Association http://gsba.com
GSBGA Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association http://www.gulfsouthblueberrygrowers.com
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