February 07, 2016

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    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    GCSA Georgia Charter Schools Association http://gacharters.org
    GCCA Georgia Child Care Association http://georgiachildcare.org
    GCA Georgia Chiropractic Association http://www.gachiro.org
    GCA Georgia Collectors Association, Inc. http://gacollector.sharepoint.com/Pages/default.aspx
    GCAA Georgia Community Action Association http://georgiacaa.org
    GC&PA Georgia Concrete and Products Association http://www.gaconcrete.org
    GCAA Georgia Construction Aggregate Association http://gcaa.org
    GCGA Georgia Corn Growers Association http://georgiacorngrowers.org
    GCCA Georgia Council of Court Administrators http://www.gccaonline.org
    GCOA Georgia Council on Aging http://www.gcoa.org
    GCEE Georgia Council on Economic Education http://www.gcee.org
    GCWA Georgia County Welfare Association http://www.gcwa.us
    GCUL Georgia Credit Union League http://www.gcua.org
    GDA Georgia Dental Association http://www.gadental.org
    GDA Georgia Dietetic Association http://www.eatrightgeorgia.org
    GDA Georgia Drillers Association http://www.nationaldriller.com/Industry_Link/Associations
    GEDA Georgia Economic Developers Association http://geda.org
    GEC Georgia Egg Commission http://www.georgiaeggs.org
    GEMC Georgia Electric Membership Corporation http://www.georgiaemc.com
    GEHA Georgia Environmental Health Association http://www.geha-online.org
    GFB Georgia Farm Bureau Federation http://gfb.org
    GFIA Georgia Food Industry Association http://www.gfia.org
    GFA Georgia Forestry Association http://www.gfagrow.org
    GFIC Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges http://www.georgiacolleges.org
    GFVGA Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association http://gfvga.org
    GFDA Georgia Funeral Directors Association http://www.gfda.org
    GGFOA Georgia Government Finance Officers Association http://www.ggfoa.org
    GGIA Georgia Green Industry Association http://www.ggia.org
    GHCA Georgia Health Care Association http://ghca.info
    GHSA Georgia High School Association http://www.ghsa.net
    GHCA Georgia Highway Contractors Association http://www.gahca.com
    GHFA Georgia Home Furnishings Association http://www.ghfa.com
    GHA Georgia Hospital Association http://www.gha.org
    GHLA Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.ghla.net
    GIADA Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://giada.org
    GICA Georgia Independent College Association http://www.georgiacolleges.org
    GILA Georgia Industrial Loan Association http://www.gaindloanassn.org
    GIA Georgia Industry Association http://www.georgiaindustry.org
    GLA Georgia Library Association http://gla.georgialibraries.org
    GMHA Georgia Manufactured Housing Association http://www.gmha.com
    GMS Georgia Medical Society http://www.georgiamedicalsociety.com
    GMSA Georgia Middle School Association http://www.gmsa.net
    GMP Georgia Milk Producers http://www.gamilk.org
    GMA Georgia Mining Association http://www.georgiamining.org
    GMTA Georgia Motor Trucking Association http://www.gmta.org
    GaMA Georgia Movers Association http://www.georgiamovers.org
    GMA Georgia Municipal Association http://www.gmanet.com
    GNDA Georgia Narcotic Officers' Association http://www.georgia-narc.com/
    GNA Georgia Nurses Association http://www.georgianurses.org
    GOGS Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society http://gaobgyn.com


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