October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    GAF Golf Association Of Florida http://www.gafgolf.org
    GAPD Georgia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry http://www.gaapd.org
    GLCSPA Great Lakes Corrugated Steel Pipe Association http://www.glcspa.org
    GCPS Gulf Coast Physiological Society http://www.the-aps.org/mm/hp/Audiences/Chapters/gulf%20co
    GA EIA Georgia Chapter of the Environmental Information Association http://eia-georgia.org
    GSA Georgia Securities Association http://www.gasec.org
    GLCI National Grazing Lands Coalition http://www.associationtrends.com/glci.org%C2%A0
    GPA Georgia Polygraph Association http://www.georgiapolygraph.org/
    GSH Georgia Society of Histotechnology http://histosearch.com/gsh/
    GSTMA Georgia Sports Turf Managers Association  http://gstma.org
    Georgia AHEAD Georgia Association on Higher Education and Disability http://ga-ahead.org
    GCA Georgia Cattlewomen's Association http://www.associationtrends.com/georgiacattlewomen.ncbastate.cylosoftdemo.c
    GCCA Georgia Council of Court Administrators http://www.gccaonline.org
    GACAANN Georgia-Carolina Association of Neonatal Nurses http://gacaann.homestead.com/
    GCMNE National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers: New England Chapter http://gcmnewengland.org
    GATSA Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers - Georgia Chapter http://www.georgiaatsa.org
    GaMPI Meeting Professionals International: Georgia Chapter http://www.gampi.org
    GOSGMP Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals  http://www.gosgmp.org/
    GA NAME National Association for Multicultural Education: Georgia Chapter http://www.ganame.org/
    GCA Georgia Collectors Association, Inc. http://gacollector.sharepoint.com/Pages/default.aspx
    GCFI Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute http://gcfi.org/
    GBATA Global Business and Technology Association http://gbata.org
    GA Gypsum Association http://gypsum.org
    GRCOA Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association http://gcroa.org
    GOCA Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) http://globaloffset.org
    GIA Gemological Institute of America http://gia.edu
    GAP Global Alcohol Producers Group http://globalalcoholproducersgroup.com
    GPI Glass Packaging Institute http://gpi.org
    GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association http://gphaonline.org
    GFOA Government Finance Officers Association, Federal Liaison Center http://gfoa.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=vie
    GHSA Governors' Highway Safety Association http://ghsa.org
    GWBOT Greater Washington Board of Trade http://bot.org
    GFWC General Federation of Women's Clubs http://gfwc.org
    GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association http://www.gnyha.org
    GSA Genetics Society of America http://genetics-gsa.org
    GWPC Ground Water Protection Council http://gwpc.org
    GCGA Gulf Citrus Growers Association http://gulfcitrus.org
    GTC Gasification Technologies Council http://gasification.org
    GPA Gas Processors Association http://gpaglobal.org
    GEO Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium http://geoexchange.org
    GEMC Georgia Electric Membership Corporation http://www.georgiaemc.com
    GCA Greeting Card Association http://greetingcard.org
    GCSAA Golf Course Superintendents Association of America http://gcsaa.org
    GSA Gerontological Society of America http://geron.org
    GTI Gas Technology Institute http://gastechnology.org
    GCA Garden Centers of America http://gardencentersofamerica.org
    GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association http://gama.aero
    GEA Geothermal Energy Association http://geo-energy.org
    GMA Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) http://gmaonline.org
    GSSA Garden State Seafood Association http://gardenstateseafood.org


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