October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    GABA German American Business Association http://gaba-network.org
    GMRC Gas Machinery Research Council http://gmrc.org
    GTA Gas Turbine Association http://gasturbine.org
    GRAA Golf Range Association of America http://golfrange.org
    GPSA Gas Processors Suppliers Association http://gpsa.gpaglobal.org
    GFOA Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada http://gfoa.org
    GS Geochemical Society http://geochemsoc.org
    GRA Governmental Research Association http://graonline.org
    GWA Global Workspace Association http://globalworkspace.org
    GWAA Golf Writers Association of America http://gwaa.com
    GCC Georgia Chamber of Commerce http://www.gachamber.com
    GC&PA Georgia Concrete and Products Association http://www.gaconcrete.org
    GADA Georgia Automobile Dealers Association http://www.gada.com
    GAEL Georgia Association of Educational Leaders http://www.ciclt.net/gael
    GBWA Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association http://gbwa.org
    GBA Georgia Bankers Association http://gabankers.com
    GCA Georgia Cattlemen's Association http://georgiacattlemen.org
    GFB Georgia Farm Bureau Federation http://gfb.org
    GDA Georgia Dental Association http://www.gadental.org
    GFIA Georgia Food Industry Association http://www.gfia.org
    GFDA Georgia Funeral Directors Association http://www.gfda.org
    GHCA Georgia Health Care Association http://ghca.info
    GMP Georgia Milk Producers http://www.gamilk.org
    GIADA Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://giada.org
    GMA Georgia Municipal Association http://www.gmanet.com
    GMA Georgia Mining Association http://www.georgiamining.org
    GOA Georgia Optometric Association http://www.goaeyes.com
    GPhA The Georgia Pharmacy Association http://gpha.org
    GPF Georgia Poultry Federation http://www.gapf.org
    GPA Georgia Press Association http://www.gapress.org
    GRA Georgia Retail Association http://www.georgiaretail.org
    GPA Georgia Psychological Association http://www.gapsychology.org
    GSAE Georgia Society of Association Executives http://www.gsae.org
    GSA Georgia Sheriffs Association http://www.georgiasheriffs.org
    GSPE Georgia Society of Professional Engineers http://www.gspe.org
    GSCPA Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants http://gscpa.org
    GTA Georgia Telephone Association http://gta.org
    GTDRA Georgia Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association http://gtdra.com
    GSAHSA LeadingAge Gulf States http://gulfstatesahsa.org
    GLGA Great Lakes Graphics Association http://www.piw.org
    GCA General Contractors Association of Hawaii http://www.gcahawaii.org
    GFAI Grain and Feed Association of Illinois http://www.gfai.org
    GAHSC Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children http://www.gahsc.org
    GACS Georgia Association of Convenience Stores http://www.gacs.com
    GFA Georgia Forestry Association http://www.gfagrow.org
    GAE Georgia Association of Educators http://gae2.org
    GeorgiaBev Georgia Beverage Association http://georgiabev.org
    GCCA Georgia Child Care Association http://georgiachildcare.org
    GCWA Georgia County Welfare Association http://www.gcwa.us
    GAA Georgia Apartment Association http://ga-apt.org


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