October 22, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
GMTA Georgia Motor Trucking Association http://www.gmta.org
GNA Georgia Nurses Association http://www.georgianurses.org
GNDC Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce http://www.ndchamber.com
GNIAR Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS http://www.gniar.com
GNJMA Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association http://www.gnjma.com
GNSI Guild of Natural Science Illustrators http://gnsi.org
GNYACCA Greater New York Air Conditioning Contractors Association http://www.accany.org
GNYADA Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association http://www.gnyada.com
GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association http://www.gnyha.org
GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association http://www.gnyha.org
GNYHCR Greater New York Association of Health Care Recruiters http://gnyahr.org
GNYRC ACSM American College of Sports Medicine - Greater New York Chapter http://www.acsmgreaterny.org
GOA Georgia Oilmen's Association http://www.georgiaoilmensassoc.com
GOA Georgia Optometric Association http://www.goaeyes.com
GOCA Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) http://globaloffset.org
GOCA Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) http://globaloffset.org
GOG Gynecologic Oncology Group http://www.gog.org
GOGS Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society http://www.georgiaobgyn.org
GOMA Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.goma.org
GOSW Grantmakers of Oregon & Southwest Washington http://gosw.org
GOTA Georgia Occupational Therapy Association http://www.gaota.com
GOWA Georgia On-Site Waste Association http://www.onsitewastewater.org
GOWA Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association http://onsitewastewater.org
GPA Georgia Press Association http://www.gapress.org
GPA Georgia Psychological Association http://www.gapsychology.org
GPA The Grant Professionals Association http://grantprofessionals.org
GPA Gas Processors Association http://www.gpaglobal.org
GPAA Gulf Ports Association of the Americas http://www.gulfportsaa.com
GPAA Gold Prospectors Association of America http://goldprospectors.org
GPC Georgia Peanut Commission http://www.gapeanuts.com
GPCA Georgia Pest Control Association http://www.gpca.org
GPF Georgia Poultry Federation http://www.gapf.org
GPGA Georgia Propane Gas Association http://www.georgiapropane.org
GPGA Georgia Pecan Growers Association http://www.georgiapecan.org
GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association http://gphaonline.org
GPhA The Georgia Pharmacy Association http://www.gpha.org
GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association http://www.gphaonline.org
GPhA Georgia Pharmacy Association http://www.gpha.org
GPI National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers http://gpionline.org
GPI Glass Packaging Institute http://gpi.org
GPI Glass Packaging Institute http://www.gpi.org
GPLN Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network http://www.gapoultrylab.org
GPMA Georgia Podiatric Medical Association http://www.gapma.com
GPMSDC Great Plains Minority Supplier Development Council http://www.gpmsdc.com
GPPA Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association http://www.gapsychiatry.org
GPPA Georgia Pork Producers Association http://www.gapork.org
GPS Germany Philatelic Society http://germanyphilatelicsocietyusa.org
GPSA Gas Processors Suppliers Association http://gpsa.gpaglobal.org
GRA Governmental Research Association http://graonline.org
GRA Georgia Railroad Association http://www.georgiarailroad.org
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