April 24, 2014

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Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
GAG Graphic Artists Guild http://graphicartistsguild.org
GAG Graphic Artists Guild of New York http://www.graphicartistsguild.org
GAA Graphic Arts Association http://www.gaa1900.com
GATF Graphic Arts Technical Foundation http://gain.net
GCC/IBT Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters http://gciu.org
GAA Gravure Association of America http://gaa.org
GLAO Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists http://www.glao.org
GLFEA Great Lakes Fabricators and Erectors Association http://www.glfea.org
GLGA Great Lakes Graphics Association http://www.piw.org
GLHBA Great Lakes Herb Business Association http://www.greatlakesherbs.com
GLIC&FFA Great Lakes Ice Cream and Fast Food Association http://www.glicffa.com
GLIBA Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association http://www.gliba.org
GLTPA Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association http://www.timberpa.com
GPMSDC Great Plains Minority Supplier Development Council http://www.gpmsdc.com
GSOA Great Southwest Officials Association http://gsoa.org
GBSUA Greater Blouse, Skirt and Undergarment Association http://greaterblouse.org
GMADA Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association of Minnesota http://www.gmada.com
GNJMA Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association http://www.gnjma.com
GNYACCA Greater New York Air Conditioning Contractors Association http://www.accany.org
GNYADA Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association http://www.gnyada.com
GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association http://www.gnyha.org
GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association http://www.gnyha.org
GNDC Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce http://www.ndchamber.com
GNIAR Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS http://www.gniar.com
GWBOT Greater Washington Board of Trade http://www.bot.org
GWBOT Greater Washington Board of Trade http://www.bot.org
GWSCPA Greater Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.gwscpa.org
GWBC Greater Women's Business Council http://gwbc.biz
GCA Greeting Card Association http://greetingcard.org
GMA Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) http://gmaonline.org
GWPC Ground Water Protection Council http://www.gwpc.org
GWPC Ground Water Protection Council http://gwpc.org
GMDA Groundwater Management Districts Association http://gmdausa.org
GUPH Group for the Use of Psychology in History http://ahaonline.org/affiliates/group_use_psychology_his.htm
GSMA GSM Association http://gsmworld.com
GAL Guild of American Luthiers http://luth.org
GBW Guild of Book Workers http://guildofbookworkers.org
GIAA Guild of Italian American Actors http://giaa.us
GNSI Guild of Natural Science Illustrators http://gnsi.org
GAMA Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association http://discoverguitar.com
GCGA Gulf Citrus Growers Association http://www.gulfcitrus.org
GCAGS Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies http://www.gcags.org
GCAGS Gulf Coast Association of Geological Society http://www.gcags.org
GPAA Gulf Ports Association of the Americas http://www.gulfportsaa.com
GSBGA Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association http://www.gulfsouthblueberrygrowers.com
GSMA Gulf State Maritime Association http://www.gsma.us/
GSAHSA Gulf States Association of Homes and Services for the Aging http://www.gulfstatesahsa.org
GOG Gynecologic Oncology Group http://gog.org
GA Gypsum Association http://www.gypsum.org
GA Gypsum Association http://gypsum.org
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