June 29, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
GRCA Golden Retriever Club of America http://grca.org
GAF Golf Association Of Florida http://www.gafgolf.org
GAM Golf Association of Michigan http://gam.org
GCAA Golf Coaches Association of America http://collegiategolf.com
GCBAA Golf Course Builders Association of America http://gcbaa.org
GCSAA Golf Course Superintendents Association of America http://gcsaa.org
GCSANE Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England http://gcsane.org
GCSANJ Golf Course Superintendents Association of New Jersey http://www.gcsanj.org
GRAA Golf Range Association of America http://golfrange.org
GWAA Golf Writers Association of America http://gwaa.com
GMA Gospel Music Association http://gospelmusic.org
GAA Government Administrators Association http://governmentadministratorsassociation.com
GFOA-MO Government Finance Officers Association of Missouri http://gfoa-mo.org
GFOAT Government Finance Officers Association of Texas http://www.gfoat.org
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada http://gfoa.org
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association, Federal Liaison Center http://gfoa.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=vie
GMIS Government Management Information Sciences http://gmis.org
GMIS-Utah Government Management Information Sciences - Utah http://www.gmisutah.org/
GRA Governmental Research Association http://graonline.org
GHSA Governors' Highway Safety Association http://ghsa.org
GHSA Governors' Highway Safety Association http://statehighwaysafety.org
GMAC Graduate Management Admission Council http://www.gmac.com
GFAI Grain and Feed Association of Illinois http://www.gfai.org
GEAPS Grain Elevator and Processing Society http://geaps.com
GRCOA Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association http://gcroa.org
GRCOA Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association http://www.gcroa.org
GSDI Granite State Designers and Installers Association http://www.gsdia.org
GSRWA Granite State Rural Water Association http://www.gsrwa.com
GCRI Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island http://www.gc-ri.org
GFNY Grantmakers Forum of New York http://grantmakers.org
GOSW Grantmakers of Oregon & Southwest Washington http://gosw.org
GAG Graphic Artists Guild http://graphicartistsguild.org
GAG Graphic Artists Guild of New York http://www.graphicartistsguild.org
GAA Graphic Arts Association http://gaa1900.com
GATF Graphic Arts Technical Foundation http://gain.net
GCC/IBT Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters http://gciu.org
GAA Gravure Association of America http://gaa.org
GLAO Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists http://www.glao.org
GLCSPA Great Lakes Corrugated Steel Pipe Association http://www.glcspa.org
GLEAMS Great Lakes Educators of Aquatic and Marine Sciences http://greatlakeseducators.org
GLFEA Great Lakes Fabricators and Erectors Association http://glfea.org
GLGA Great Lakes Graphics Association http://www.piw.org
GLHBA Great Lakes Herb Business Association http://www.greatlakesherbs.com
GLIC&FFA Great Lakes Ice Cream and Fast Food Association http://www.glicffa.com
GLIBA Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association http://www.gliba.org
GLTPA Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association http://timberpa.com
GPMSDC Great Plains Minority Supplier Development Council http://www.gpmsdc.com
GSOA Great Southwest Officials Association http://gsoa.org
GBSUA Greater Blouse, Skirt and Undergarment Association http://greaterblouse.org
GMADA Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association of Minnesota http://www.gmada.com
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