October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    H-SHGAPE Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era http://historians.org/about-aha-and-membership/affiliated
    HAA Hospice Association of America http://nahc.org/HAA
    HAA Hospice Association of America http://nahc.org/HAA
    HAA Hawaii Acupuncture Association http://www.hawaiiacupuncture.org
    HAADAC Hawaii Association of Addiction and Drug Abuse Counselors http://www.cchono.com/~fratzke
    HACC Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce http://hellenicamerican.cc
    HACD Hawaii Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nacdnet.org/hawaii
    HACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Hawaii Chapter http://hawaiiacep.org
    HACR Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility http://hacr.org
    HACU Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities http://hacu.net
    HADA Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association http://www.hawaiiautodealer.com
    HAEA U.S. Hereditary Angioedema Association http://haea.org
    HAEP Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals http://www.haep.org
    HAFP Hawaii Academy of Family Physicians http://www.hafp.com
    HAH Healthcare Association of Hawaii http://www.hah.org
    HAI Helicopter Association International http://rotor.org
    HAIS Hawaii Association of Independent Schools http://hais.org
    HANO Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations http://hano-hawaii.org
    HANYS Healthcare Association of New York State http://www.hanys.org
    HAP Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania http://www.haponline.org
    HAP Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania http://www.haponline.org
    HAPCOA Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA) http://hapcoa.org
    HAPI/PIP Hawaii Association of Physicians for Indemnification/Physicians Indemnity Plan http://www.hapihawaii.com
    HAPS Human Anatomy and Physiology Society http://hapsweb.org
    HAR Hawaii Association of REALTORS http://www.hawaiirealtors.com
    HARC Halon Alternatives Research Corporation http://harc.org
    HARC Hawai'i Agriculture Research Center http://www.harc-hspa.com
    HARDI Heating, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International http://hardinet.org
    HARI Hospital Association of Rhode Island http://www.hari.org
    HASC Hospitality Association of South Carolina http://www.schospitality.org
    HAT Hospital Alliance of Tennessee http://www.hospitalalliancetn.com
    HAWDC Hotel Association of Washington, D.C. http://hawdc.com
    HAWDC Hotel Association of Washington, D.C. http://www.hawdc.com
    HBA Healthcare Businesswomen's Association http://hbanet.org
    HBA Human Biology Association http://humbio.org
    HBA Home Baking Association http://homebaking.org
    HBA-UT Home Builders Association of Utah http://www.utahhba.com
    HBA/DE Home Builders Association of Delaware http://www.hbade.org
    HBAA Home Builders Association of Alabama http://hbaa.org
    HBACT Home Builders Association of Connecticut http://www.hbact.org
    HBAG Home Builders Association of Georgia http://www.hbag.org
    HBAGKC Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City http://www.kchba.org
    HBAI Home Builders Association of Iowa http://www.hbaiowa.org
    HBAI Home Builders Association of Illinois http://www.hbai.org
    HBAK Home Builders Association of Kentucky http://www.hbak.com
    HBAM Home Builders Association of Maryland http://www.homebuilders.org
    HBAM Home Builders Association of Mississippi http://www.hbam.com
    HBAM Home Builders Association of Massachusetts http://hbama.com
    HBASC Home Builders Association of South Carolina http://www.hbaofsc.com
    HBAT Home Builders Association of Tennessee http://www.hbat.org


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