October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    HSBA Hawaii State Bar Association http://hsba.org
    HLTA Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association http://hawaiilodging.org
    HSCPA Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.hscpa.org
    HIIAA Hawaii Independent Insurance Agents Association http://iiaba.net
    HFAM Health Facilities Association of Maryland http://hfam.org
    HCAM/MCAL Health Care Association of Michigan and Michigan Center for Assisted Living http://hcam.org
    HBAI Home Builders Association of Illinois http://www.hbai.org
    HBAA Home Builders Association of Alabama http://hbaa.org
    HBA-UT Home Builders Association of Utah http://www.utahhba.com
    HBAK Home Builders Association of Kentucky http://www.hbak.com
    HBASC Home Builders Association of South Carolina http://www.hbaofsc.com
    HBAV Home Builders Association of Virginia http://www.hbav.com
    HARI Hospital Association of Rhode Island http://www.hari.org
    HCANH Home Care Association of New Hampshire http://homecarenh.org
    HCBA Heartland Community Bankers Association http://www.hcbankers.com
    HBRACT Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut http://www.hbact.org
    HBRAME Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine http://www.hbrame.org
    HCA-ME Home Care and Hospice Alliance of Maine http://www.homecarealliance.org
    HBAM Home Builders Association of Massachusetts http://hbama.com
    HCC Hawaii Cattlemen's Council http://www.hicattle.org
    HSTA Hawaii State Teachers Association http://www.hsta.org
    HBA/DE Home Builders Association of Delaware http://www.hbade.org
    HBAM Home Builders Association of Mississippi http://www.hbam.com
    HBAG Home Builders Association of Georgia http://www.hbag.org
    HPhA Hawaii Pharmacists Association http://www.hipharm.org
    HAPI/PIP Hawaii Association of Physicians for Indemnification/Physicians Indemnity Plan http://www.hapihawaii.com
    HADA Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association http://www.hawaiiautodealer.com
    HFA Hawaii Flooring Association http://www.hawaiiflooringassociation.org
    HBL Hawaii Business League http://www.hawaiibusinessleague.org
    HMA Hawaii Medical Association http://hmaonline.net
    HGEA Hawaii Government Employees Association http://www.hgea.org
    HNA Hawaii Nurses' Association http://hawaiinurses.org
    HPCA Hawaii Pest Control Association http://www.hpca.org
    HDA Hawaii Dental Association http://www.hawaiidentalassociation.net
    HCANJ Health Care Association of New Jersey http://www.hcanj.org
    HBRANH Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire http://www.hbranh.com
    HLC Hawkeye Labor Council, AFL-CIO http://ia.aflcio.org/hawkeyelabor
    HHCANY Hearing Health Care Alliance of New York http://www.hhcany.org/portal
    HVMA Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association http://www.hawaiivma.org
    HEC Hawaiian Executive Conference http://heconf.hawaiianedcouncil.org
    HBAGKC Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City http://www.kchba.org
    HGW Hop Growers of Washington http://www.usahops.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=hop_farming&p
    HSMAI-DC Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International - Washington D.C. Chapter http://www.hsmaidc.org
    HCAC Home Care Association of Colorado http://www.hcaconline.org
    HCA Heavy Constructors Association http://www.heavyconstructors.org
    HAFP Hawaii Academy of Family Physicians http://www.hafp.com
    HPCANYS Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State http://hpcanys.org
    HSLC Health Sciences Libraries Consortium http://www.hslc.org
    HACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Hawaii Chapter http://hawaiiacep.org
    HBAWV Home Builders Association of West Virginia http://www.hbawv.org


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