May 25, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
LOC League of Oregon Cities
LORT League of Resident Theatres
LWM League of Wisconsin Municipalities
LDAH Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii
LFNE Learning Forward New England
LFNH Learning Forward New Hampshire
LFNJ Learning Forward New Jersey
LFPA Learning Forward Pennsylvania
LERN Learning Resources Network
LAA Leather Apparel Association
LIA Leather Industries of America
LAAU Legal Assistants Association of Utah
LMA Legal Marketing Association
LNA Legal Netlink Alliance
LSSNC Legal Support Staff of North Carolina
LITA Library and Information Technology Association
LBI Library Binding Institute
LCA Library Copyright Alliance
LCA Library Copyright Alliance
LLAMA Library Leadership and Management Association
LPNAN Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Nebraska
LPNAF Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Florida
LPNAI Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Illinois
LPNAO Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Ohio, Inc.
LPCA-GA Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
LPCANC Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina
LES Licensing Executives Society
LIAM Life Insurance Association of Massachusetts
LICONY Life Insurance Council of New York
LISA Life Insurance Settlement Association
LIC Life Insurers Council
LOMA Life Office Management Association
LSN Life Services Network of Illinois
LMPS-MHIA Lift Manufacturers Product Section - Material Handling Institute
LAMA Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
LA Lighter Association
LPI Lightning Protection Institute
LEC Lignite Energy Council
LANJ Limousine Associations of New Jersey
LIMRA LIMRA International
LCOC Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
LACUS Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States
LSA Linguistic Society of America
LANA Lipizzan Association of North America
LRA Literacy Research Association
LMDA Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas
LMA Livestock Marketing Association
LPC Livestock Publications Council
LODEM Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers
LSTA Loan Syndication & Trading Association
Association TRENDS