April 25, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
LSA Linguistic Society of America http://linguisticsociety.org
LACUS Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States http://lacus.weebly.com
LCOC Lincoln & Continental Owners Club http://www.lcoc.org
LIMRA LIMRA International http://limra.com
LANJ Limousine Associations of New Jersey http://www.lanj.org
LEC Lignite Energy Council http://lignite.com
LPI Lightning Protection Institute http://lightning.org
LA Lighter Association http://lighterassociation.org
LAMA Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association http://lama.bz
LMPS-MHIA Lift Manufacturers Product Section - Material Handling Institute http://mhia.org/industrygroups/lmps
LSN Life Services Network of Illinois http://lsni.org
LOMA Life Office Management Association http://www.loma.org
LIC Life Insurers Council http://loma.org/lic
LISA Life Insurance Settlement Association http://lisa.org
LICONY Life Insurance Council of New York http://www.licony.org
LIAM Life Insurance Association of Massachusetts http://www.liam.org
LES Licensing Executives Society http://lesusacanada.org
LPCANC Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina http://lpcanc.org
LPCA-GA Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia http://lpcaga.org
LPNAO Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Ohio, Inc. http://lpnao.org
LPNAI Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Illinois http://www.nflpn.org/stateEvent.php#illinois
LPNAF Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Florida http://www.nflpn.org/stateEvent.php#florida
LPNAN Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Nebraska http://nehca.org/aspx/lpnan/default.aspx?l1=3
LLAMA Library Leadership and Management Association http://ala.org/llama
LCA Library Copyright Alliance http://librarycopyrightalliance.org
LCA Library Copyright Alliance http://librarycopyrightalliance.org
LBI Library Binding Institute http://lbibinders.org
LITA Library and Information Technology Association http://ala.org/lita/
LSSNC Legal Support Staff of North Carolina http://www.lssnc.com
LNA Legal Netlink Alliance http://legalnetlink.net
LMA Legal Marketing Association http://legalmarketing.org
LAAU Legal Assistants Association of Utah http://www.laau.info
LIA Leather Industries of America http://leatherusa.com
LAA Leather Apparel Association http://leatherapparelassociation.com
LERN Learning Resources Network http://lern.org
LFPA Learning Forward Pennsylvania http://www.learningforwardpa.org/
LFNJ Learning Forward New Jersey http://www.njstaffdevelopment.org
LFNH Learning Forward New Hampshire http://learningforwardnh.org
LFNE Learning Forward New England http://www.learningforwardnewengland.org
LDAH Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii http://www.ldahawaii.org
LWM League of Wisconsin Municipalities http://lwm-info.org
LORT League of Resident Theatres http://lort.org
LOC League of Oregon Cities http://www.orcities.org
LNM League of Nebraska Municipalities http://www.lonm.org
LMC League of Minnesota Cities http://www.lmc.org
LKM League of Kansas Municipalities http://www.lkm.org
LHAT League of Historic American Theatres http://lhat.org
LCC League of California Cities http://www.cacities.org
LACT League of Arizona Cities and Towns http://www.azleague.org
LGC Leafy Greens Council http://leafy-greens.org
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