February 06, 2016

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    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MWGA Missouri Women's Golf Association http://www.mowomensga.org
    MSGA Montana State Golf Association http://www.msgagolf.com/
    MSWGA Montana State Womens Golf Association http://www.msgagolf.org/mswga/about-the-mswga
    MoAPD Missouri Academy of Pediatric Dentistry http://www.moapd.org
    MI-APWA American Public Works Association  - Michigan Chapter http://michigan.apwa.net/
    MSSA Minnesota Service Station Association http://www.mnssa.com
    MONAPUS National Association of Postmasters of the United States: Missouri Chapter http://www.monapus.com
    MAEA Maine Art Education Association http://www.mainearted.org/MAEA/Home.html
    MAEA Massachusetts Art Education Association http://www.massarted.com
    MSPRA Michigan School Public Relations http://www.mspra.org
    MoSPRA Missouri School Public Relations http://mospra.schoolwires.com
    MAS Massachusetts Archeological Society http://www.massarchaeology.org
    MSDA Minnesota Security Dealers Association http://www.mntraders.com
    MD-ICF Maryland Chapter of the International Coaching Federation http://www.md-icf.com/
    MARA Maine Auto Recyclers Association http://www.maineautorecyclers.org/
    MATR Missouri Auto & Truck Recyclers Association http://matronline.com
    MWGB Missouri Wine and Grape Board http://missouriwine.org
    MPAS Mountain Plains Agriculture Service http://www.associationtrends.com/mpaswy.com%C2%A0
    MRA Minnesota Reading Association http://mra.onefireplace.org
    MSC-IRA Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association http://missourireading.org
    MRA Michigan Reading Association http://michiganreading.org
    MWRTBA Metropolitan Washington Road & Transportation Builders Association http://www.mwrtba.org
    MSACCA National After School Association - Maryland Chapter http://www.msacca.org
    MSSWC Midwest School Social Work Council http://midwestssw.org
    MAAT American Art Therapy Association, Inc.: Michigan Chapter http://www.michiganarttherapy.org
    MNATA American Art Therapy Association, Inc.: Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnata.org
    MPA Maryland Polygraph Association http://www.mdpolygraph.org
    MAPE Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners http://www.michiganpolygraph.org
    MAALSB Academy of Legal Studies in Business: Mid-Atlantic http://www.atlanticlawjournal.org/
    MDAA Missouri Dental Assistants Association http://www.modaa.org
    MTEA Montana Traffic Education Association http://www.mteaonline.org
    MODSEA Missouri Driver Safety Education Association http://www.modsea.org
    MAHVRP Midwest Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals http://mahvrp.org/
    MA AFCC Association of Family and Conciliation Courts - Massachusetts Chapter http://www.maafcc.org/
    MSWLEA Mississippi Women's Law Enforcement Association http://www.mswlea.com
    MCTA Maryland Christmas Tree Association http://www.marylandchristmastrees.org
    MCTA Missouri Christmas Tree Association http://www.missourichristmastrees.org
    MSH Maryland Society for Histotechnology http://www.marylandhistotechnology.org
    MeSH Maine Society for Histotechnology http://www.mehisto.org
    MSH Michigan Society of Histotechnologists http://www.mihisto.org
    MOHA Michigan Oral History Association http://michiganoha.org
    MOH Midwest Oral History Group http://moh.library.okstate.edu
    MiSTMA Michigan Sports Turf Managers Association  http://mistma.org
    MPSTMA Minnesota Sports Turf Managers Association  http://mpstma.org
    MD AHEAD Maryland Association on Higher Education and Disability http://ahead.org/ahead.org/affiliates/md
    MI-AHEAD Michigan Association on Higher Education and Disability http://mi-ahead.org
    MN AHEAD Minnesota Association on Higher Education and Disability http://ahead.org/affiliates/minnesota
    MO AHEAD Missouri Association on Higher Education and Disability http://moahead.org
    MACCA Michigan Association of Circuit Court Administrators http://www.micircuitcourtadmin.com
    MAACM Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management http://www.maacm.org


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