October 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MTI Materials Technology Institute http://mti-global.org
    MLMIA Multi-Level Marketing International Association http://mlmia.com
    MPA Methacrylate Producers Association http://mpausa.org
    MIMA Metal Injection Molding Association http://mimaweb.org
    MHA The Masonry Heater Association of North America http://mha-net.org
    MCAA Measurement, Control and Automation Association http://measure.org
    MEWPC Manufacturers Elevating and Work Platform Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=45
    MRTFC Manufacturers of Rough Terrain Forklifts Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=47#.T1eEdcDCnIY
    MSCA Mechanical Service Contractors of America http://msca.org
    MMA Medical Marketing Association http://mmanet.org
    MFA Managed Funds Association http://managedfunds.org
    MBSC Modular Building Systems Council http://nahb.org/generic.aspx?genericContentID=169150
    MER Museum Education Roundtable http://museumeducation.info
    MDS Movement Disorder Society http://movementdisorders.org
    MISL Major Indoor Soccer League http://misl.net
    MAGA Mexican-American Grocers Association http://maga.org
    MISA Military Impacted Schools Association http://militaryimpactedschoolsassociation.org
    MCSSB Manufacturers Council of Small School Buses http://ntea.com/vango/core/committees.aspx?committee=COMMITTEE/MCSSB-R
    MFA Marine Fabricators Association http://marinecanvas.com
    MRA Mountain Rescue Association http://mra.org
    MISA Motorist Information and Services Association http://misaonline.org
    MSA CPA Manufacturing Services Association http://manufacturingcpas.com
    MBMB Mounted Breakers Manufacturers Bureau http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=56
    MMA MIDI Manufacturers Association http://midi.org
    MPG Master Pools Guild, Inc. http://masterpoolsguild.com
    MSTS Musculoskeletal Tumor Society http://msts.org
    MTAI Music Teachers Association International, Inc. http://areaweb.com/516/music/mtai/
    MHMS Materials Handling and Management Society http://mhi.org/mhms
    MLA Medical Library Association http://mlanet.org
    MAFSI Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry http://mafsi.org
    MPI Meeting Professionals International http://mpiweb.org
    MPPA Metal Powder Producers Association http://mpif.org/AboutMPIF/mppa.asp?linkid=31
    MCA Military Chaplains Association of the United States http://mca-usa.org
    MEA Marketing Education Association http://marketingeducators.org
    MRJ Men of Reform Judaism http://menrj.org
    MS IEEE Magnetics Society http://ieeemagnetics.org
    MANA Midwives Alliance of North America http://mana.org
    MSBA Maryland State Bar Association http://msba.org
    MSBA Maine State Bar Association http://www.mainebar.org
    MSBA Minnesota State Bar Association http://mnbar.org
    MB The Mississippi Bar http://www.msbar.org
    MIACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America - Michigan Chapter http://www.miacca.org
    MBI Associated General Contractors of America - Master Builders of Iowa http://mbionline.com
    MCAC Mason Contractors Association of California http://www.mca-ca.org
    MSDEDA MN-SD Equipment Dealers Association http://msdeda.com
    MAIA Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents http://www.massagent.com
    MAIA Michigan Association of Insurance Agents http://www.michagent.org
    MAIA Missouri Association of Insurance Agents http://iiaba.net/main/CB_Website/Affiliated/StateAssociat
    MAERA Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association http://maera.org
    MAR Maine Association of REALTORS http://mainerealtors.com


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