July 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MRA Missouri Restaurant Association http://www.morestaurants.org
    MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mspe.org
    MSMA Missouri State Medical Association http://msma.org
    MSTA Missouri State Teachers Association http://msta.org
    MAR Montana Association of REALTORS http://montanarealtors.org
    MEDA Midwest Equipment Dealers Association http://medaassn.com
    MSCC Maine State Chamber of Commerce http://mainechamber.org
    MEC Mississippi Economic Council - The State Chamber of Commerce http://www.msmec.com
    MCC Maryland Chamber of Commerce http://www.mdchamber.org
    MCCI Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry http://www.mochamber.com
    MSA Midwest Sign Association http://www.msassn.org
    MEAFL-CIO Maine AFL-CIO http://www.maineaflcio.org
    MIAFLCIO Michigan State AFL-CIO http://miaflcio.org
    MNAFL-CIO Minnesota AFL-CIO http://mnaflcio.org
    MOAFL-CIO Missouri AFL-CIO http://moaflcio.org
    MASC Municipal Association of South Carolina http://masc.sc
    MCAC Mason Contractors Association of Connecticut http://masoncontractors.org
    MBA Maine Bankers Association http://www.mainebankers.com
    MMTA Maine Motor Transport Association http://www.mmta.com
    MFPC Maine Forest Products Council http://maineforest.org
    MSA Maine Snowmobile Association http://www.mesnow.com
    MSNA Maine State Nurses Association http://nationalnursesunited.org/affiliates/entry/msna
    MSEA Maine State Employees Association http://www.mseaseiu.org
    MEA Maine Education Association http://maine.nea.org
    MAB Maine Association of Broadcasters http://mab.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3267
    MCA Maine Chiropractic Association http://mainechiro.com
    MCCA Maine County Commissioners Association http://mainecounties.org
    MPA Maine Principals' Association http://mpa.cc
    MGA Maine Grocers Association http://www.mainegrocers.org
    MMA Maine Medical Association http://www.mainemed.com
    MOA Maine Osteopathic Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/StartPage.aspx?S
    MLP Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts http://www.mlp-mclp.org
    MATA Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys http://www.massacademy.com
    MBC Massachusetts Building Congress http://www.buildingcongress.org
    MCS Massachusetts Chiropractic Society http://www.masschiro.org
    MC-ACS American College of Surgeons - Massachusetts Chapter http://mcacs.org
    MFBF Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. http://www.mfbf.net
    MFA Massachusetts Food Association http://www.mafood.com
    MARILN Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing http://www.nln.org/CLWebsites/MARI
    MPA Massachusetts Police Association http://www.masspolice.com
    MMA Massachusetts Municipal Association http://www.mma.org
    MPS Massachusetts Psychiatric Society http://www.psychiatry-mps.org
    MPHA Massachusetts Public Health Association http://www.mphaweb.org
    MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association http://www.msada.org
    MTA Massachusetts Teachers Association http://massteacher.org
    MPhA Massachusetts Pharmacists Association http://masspharmacists.org
    MACTA The Mid-America Cable Show http://www.midamericacable.tv
    MSV Medical Society of Virginia http://msv.org
    MTA Mid-West Truckers Association http://www.midwesttruckshow.com
    MAI Management Association of Illinois http://www.hrsource.org


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