July 02, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MPI Meeting Professionals International http://mpiweb.org
MPHCC Maryland Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors http://www.phccmd.org
MPHCA Mississippi Primary Health Care Association http://www.mphca.com
MPHCA Mississippi Primary Health Care Association http://www.mphca.com
MPHA Massachusetts Public Health Association http://www.mphaweb.org
MPhA Massachusetts Pharmacists Association http://masspharmacists.org
MPHA Minnesota Public Health Association http://www.mpha.net
MPhA Minnesota Pharmacists Association http://www.mpha.org
MPhA Maryland Pharmacists Association http://marylandpharmacist.org
MPhA Mississippi Pharmacists Association http://www.mspharm.org
MPGC Minnesota Planned Giving Council http://mnpgc.org
MPGA Minnesota Propane Gas Association http://mnpropane.org
MPGA Maine Professional Guides Association http://maineguides.org
MPGA Mississippi Propane Gas Association http://www.mspropane.com
MPGA Missouri Propane Gas Association http://www.missouripropane.com
MPGA Mississippi Pecan Growers Association http://www.mspecans.org
MPGA Michigan Propane Gas Association http://www.usemichiganpropane.com
MPG Maine Potato Growers http://www.mpgco-op.com
MPG Master Pools Guild, Inc. http://masterpoolsguild.com
MPFFU Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union http://mpffu.org
MPF Missouri Poultry Federation http://www.thepoultryfederation.com
MPF Midwest Poultry Federation http://www.midwestpoultry.com
MPEX Motion Picture Exhibitors of Washington, Alaska, and Oregon http://www.natoonline.org/affiliates.htm
MPES Michigan Public Employees http://www.seiu517m.org
MPEA Montana Public Employees Association http://mympea.org
MPE Mississippi Professional Educators http://www.mpe.org
MPCA Mississippi Pest Control Association http://www.mspest.com
MPCA Missouri Primary Care Association http://www.mo-pca.org
MPCA Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association http://www.mpca.org
MPCA Montana Primary Care Association http://www.mtpca.org
MPCA Michigan Primary Care Association http://www.mpca.net
MPCA Michigan Pest Control Association http://www.mipca.org
MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association http://www.mopca.com
MPC Maine Philanthropy Center http://mainephilanthropy.org
MPC Materials Properties Council http://forengineers.org/materials-properties-council
MPC Milk Producers Council http://milkproducerscouncil.org
MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association http://www.mpbaonline.com
MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association http://www.mpbaonline.com
MPB Maine Potato Board http://www.mainepotatoes.com
MPB Minnesota Pork Board http://mnpork.com
MPAS Mountain Plains Agriculture Service http://www.associationtrends.com/mpaswy.com%C2%A0
MPAA Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association http://moauctioneers.org
MPAA Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) http://mpaa.org
MPAA Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) http://mpaa.org
MPA/MACS Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of Convenience Stores http://www.mpamacs.org
MPA Michigan Psychological Association http://michiganpsychologicalassociation.org
MPA Maryland Polygraph Association http://www.mdpolygraph.org
MPA Massachusetts Police Association http://www.masspolice.com
MPA Maine Press Association http://mainepress.wordpress.com
MPA Massachusetts Psychological Association http://www.masspsych.org
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