April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MIACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America - Michigan Chapter http://www.miacca.org
MN-AAP American Academy of Pediatrics - Minnesota http://www.mnaap.org
MCACC American College of Cardiology - Massachusetts Chapter http://www.mcacc.org
MCACC American College of Cardiology - Michigan Chapter http://www.accmi.org
MSACC American College of Cardiology - Mississippi Chapter http://www.msacc.org
MNACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Minnesota Chapter http://mnacep.org
MC-ACS American College of Surgeons - Massachusetts Chapter http://www.mcacs.org
MCACS American College of Surgeons - Michigan Chapter http://www.michiganacs.org
MN-APTA American Physical Therapy Association - Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnapta.org
MN/ND-ABC Associated Builders and Contractors - Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnabc.com
MBI Associated General Contractors of America - Master Builders of Iowa http://www.mbionline.com
MLP Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts http://www.mlp-mclp.org
MS-ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education - Mississippi Chapter http://www.mississippiacte.com
MADICA Carpenters Association of New England http://www.btea.net/caene.htm
MACS Convenience Store Association of Michigan http://www.mpamacs.org
MSA CPA Manufacturing Services Association http://manufacturingcpas.com
MS IEEE Magnetics Society http://ieeemagnetics.org
MTT-S IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society http://mtt.org
MCBR International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society http://minicattle.com
MM & P International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots http://www.bridgedeck.org
MM&P International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots http://bridgedeck.org
MTAI Keyboard Teachers Association International http://areaweb.com/516/music/mtai/
MLICA Land Improvement Contractors Association - Missouri http://www.mlica.org
MNLICA Land Improvement Contractors of America - Minnesota http://www.mnlica.org
MHIA Lift Manufacturers Product Section - Material Handling Institute http://mhia.org/industrygroups/lmps
MACO MA Association of Campground Owners http://www.campmass.com
MKA Machine Knife Association http://machineknife.org
MDNA Machinery Dealers National Association http://mdna.org
MACU MACU Association Group http://www.macuonline.net
MIADA MADA Missouri Independent Auto Dealers' Association http://www.moiada.com
MDA Magic Dealers Association http://magicdealers.com
MSMA Mail Systems Management Association http://msmanational.org
MFSA Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association http://www.mfsanet.org
MAFP Maine Academy of Family Physicians http://www.maineafp.org
MEAFL-CIO Maine AFL-CIO http://www.maineaflcio.org
MAA Maine Aquaculture Association http://www.maineaquaculture.com
MACS Maine Association for Charter Schools http://www.mainecharterschools.org
MAAF Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs http://www.mainefairs.org
MAB Maine Association of Broadcasters http://www.mab.org
MACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions http://www.meacc.net
MACD Maine Association of Conservation Districts http://www.maineswcds.org
MANP Maine Association of Nonprofits http://www.nonprofitmaine.org
MAPP Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians http://www.mainepsych.org
MAR Maine Association of REALTORS http://www.mainerealtors.com
MASAP Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs http://www.masap.org
MADA Maine Automobile Dealers Association http://maineautodealers.com
MBA Maine Bankers Association http://www.mainebankers.com
MBWDA Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association http://www.mainebeerandwine.com
MSDA Maine Beverage Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
MECOA Maine Campground Owners Association http://www.campmaine.com
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