October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    MSDC Medical Society of the District of Columbia http://msdc.org
    MSDC Medical Society of the District of Columbia http://www.msdc.org
    MSSNY Medical Society of the State of New York http://www.mssny.org
    MSV Medical Society of Virginia http://msv.org
    MTANJ Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey http://mtanj.com
    MDHBA Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates http://mdhba.org
    MAA Medieval Academy of America http://medievalacademy.org
    MPI Meeting Professionals International http://mpiweb.org
    MPI-CAC Meeting Professionals International - Chicago Area Chapter http://mpicac.org
    MMPI Meeting Professionals International - Michigan Chapter http://www.mmpi.org
    MPIMN Meeting Professionals International - Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnmpi.org
    MPI/NE Meeting Professionals International - New England Chapter http://mpine.org
    MPI-NJ Meeting Professionals International - New Jersey Chapter http://mpinewjersey.org
    MPI-CC Meeting Professionals International: Carolinas Chapter http://www.mpi-cc.org
    MPI NJ Meeting Professionals International: New Jersey Chapter http://www.mpinewjersey.org
    MPIOK Meeting Professionals International: Oklahoma Chapter http://www.mpiok.org
    MPIRMC Meeting Professionals International: Rocky Mountain Chapter http://www.mpirmc.org
    MPI:TN Meeting Professionals International: Tennessee Chapter http://www.tnmpi.org
    MPIWSC Meeting Professionals International: Washington State Chapter http://www.mpiwsc.org
    MICC Meetings Industry Council of Colorado http://www.mic-colorado.org
    MRJ Men of Reform Judaism http://menrj.org
    MGCA Men's Garden Clubs of America http://www.tgoa-mgca.org
    MHA Mental Health America http://mentalhealthamerica.net
    MHA Mental Health America http://nmha.org
    MHAM Mental Health America in Michigan http://www.mha-mi.com
    MHAC Mental Health America of Colorado http://mhacolorado.org
    MHAI Mental Health America of Illinois http://mhai.org
    MHAI Mental Health America of Indiana http://mentalhealthassociation.com
    MHA-KY Mental Health America of Kentucky http://www.mhaky.org
    MHAND Mental Health America of North Dakota http://www.mhand.org
    MHAO Mental Health America of Oregon http://www.mhaoforegon.com
    MHAT Mental Health America of Texas http://mhatexas.org
    MHAH Mental Health America of the Heartland http://www.mhah.org
    MHAV Mental Health America of Virginia http://www.mhav.org
    MHANYS Mental Health Association In New York State http://mhanys.org
    MHAPA Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania http://www.mhapa.org
    MHAC Mental Health Association of Connecticut http://www.mhact.org
    MHAMD Mental Health Association of Maryland http://www.mhamd.org
    MHA-NE Mental Health Association of Nebraska http://www.mha-ne.org
    MHASC Mental Health Association of South Carolina http://www.mha-sc.org/
    MBCA Mercedes-Benz Club of America http://mbca.org
    MAF Merchants Association of Florida Inc. http://www.merchantsflorida.com
    MCAA Messenger Courier Association of the Americas http://mcaa.com
    MBCEA Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association http://mbcea.org
    MBCEA-NEC Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association - New England Chapter http://www.mbcea.org/chapters/northeast
    MBMA Metal Building Manufacturers Association http://mbma.com
    MCM Metal Casters of Minnesota http://metalcastersofminnesota.org
    MCA Metal Construction Association http://metalconstruction.org
    MFMA Metal Findings Manufacturers Association http://mfma.net
    MFMA Metal Framing Manufacturers Association http://metalframingmfg.org


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