October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MPC Maine Philanthropy Center http://www.mainephilanthropy.org
MPPA Maine Pork Producers Association http://www.katahdinoutdoors.com/mainepork
MPB Maine Potato Board http://www.mainepotatoes.com
MPG Maine Potato Growers http://www.mpgco-op.com
MPA Maine Press Association http://mainepress.wordpress.com
MPA Maine Principals' Association http://mpa.cc
MPGA Maine Professional Guides Association http://www.maineguides.org
MPPA Maine Professional Photographers Association http://ppamaine.com
MePA Maine Psychological Association http://mepa.org
MPPA Maine Pulp & Paper Association http://www.pulpandpaper.org
MERA Maine Restaurant Association http://www.mainerestaurant.com
MRWA Maine Rural Water Association http://www.mainerwa.org
MSBA Maine School Boards Association http://www.msmaweb.com/MSBA.html
MSMA Maine School Management Association http://www.msmaweb.com
MSSA Maine School Superintendents Association http://www.msmaweb.com/MSSA.html
MSA Maine Snowmobile Association http://www.mesnow.com
MSCPA Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.mecpa.org
MSEPS Maine Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons http://www.maineeyemds.com
MeSPE Maine Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mespe.org
MSRT Maine Society of Radiologic Technologists http://www.mainesrt.org
MSLHA Maine Speech Language Hearing Association http://mslha.org
MSA Maine Staffing Association http://www.americanstaffing.net/chapters/chapterOfficers.cfm?chapterIndex=56
MSBA Maine State Bar Association http://www.mainebar.org
MSCC Maine State Chamber of Commerce http://www.mainechamber.org
MSEA Maine State Employees Association http://www.mseaseiu.org
MSG Maine State Grange http://mainestategrange.org
MSNA Maine State Nurses Association http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/affiliates/entry/msna
MSTA Maine State Troopers Association http://www.mainetroopers.com
MVMA Maine Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mainevetmed.org
MWUA Maine Water Utilities Association http://mwua.org
MWPA Maine Wood Products Association http://www.mwpa.org
MCC Major Cities Chiefs Association http://majorcitieschiefs.org
MCSA Major County Sheriffs' Association http://mcsheriffs.com
MISL Major Indoor Soccer League http://misl.net
MLB Major League Baseball http://mlb.mlb.com
MLB Major League Baseball - Office of the Commissioner http://www.mlb.com
MLBPA Major League Baseball Players Association http://mlbplayers.mlb.com
MLBPA Major League Baseball Players Association http://mlbplayers.mlb.com
MLS Major League Soccer http://mlssoccer.com
MREPC Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (USA) http://www.mrepc.com
MHAUS Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States http://mhaus.org
MBDAPA Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania http://www.mbdapa.org
MANA MANA, a National Latina Organization http://hermana.org
MFA Managed Funds Association http://www.managedfunds.org
MAPPS Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors http://mapps.org
MAI Management Association of Illinois http://www.hrsource.org
MA Manufacture Alabama http://www.manufacturealabama.org
MHCOA Manufactured Home Community Owners Association http://www.mhconv.com
MHAO Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma http://www.mhao.org
MHCA Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona http://azmhca.com
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