June 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MAFMIC Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies http://www.mafmic.org
MAHU Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters http://emahu.org
MNANP Minnesota Association of Naturopathic Physicians http://www.mnanp.org
MAPHCC Minnesota Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors http://www.minnesotaphcc.org
MAPE Minnesota Association of Professional Employees http://mape.org
MAPA Minnesota Association of Public Accountants http://www.mapa-mn.com
MNAR Minnesota Association of REALTORS http://mnrealtor.com
MARRCH Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health http://marrch.org
MASA Minnesota Association of School Administrators http://www.mnasa.org
MASBO Minnesota Association of School Business Officials http://www.mnasbo.org
MASSP Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals http://www.massp.org
MASWCD Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts http://maswcd.org
MAT Minnesota Association of Townships http://www.mntownships.org
MAVT Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians http://www.mavt.net
MAWG Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers http://www.smallgrains.org
MN AHEAD Minnesota Association on Higher Education and Disability http://ahead.org/affiliates/minnesota
MADA Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association http://www.mada.org
MBA Minnesota Bankers Association http://www.minnbankers.com
MBC Minnesota Beef Council http://mnbeef.org
MBWA Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.mnbwa.com
MBA Minnesota Broadcasters Association http://www.minnesotabroadcasters.com
MBP Minnesota Business Partnership http://www.mnbp.com
MCCA Minnesota Cable Communications Association http://www.mncca.com
MCC Minnesota Chamber of Commerce http://www.mnchamber.com
MnATSA Minnesota Chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers http://www.mnatsa.org/
MCPA Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association http://mnchiefs.org
MCA Minnesota Chiropractic Association http://www.mnchiro.com
MCA Minnesota Cleaners Association http://minnesotadrycleaners.org
MNCAR Minnesota Commercial Association of REALTORS http://www.mncar.org
MNCM Minnesota Community Measurement http://mncm.org
MCC Minnesota Concrete Council http://www.mnconcretecouncil.com
MCMA Minnesota Concrete Masonry Association http://www.mcmca.com
MCA Minnesota Construction Association http://mnconstruction.org
MCGA Minnesota Corn Growers Association http://www.mncorn.org
MCA Minnesota Corrections Association http://www.mn-ca.org
MCCCA Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies http://www.mccca.org
MCN Minnesota Council of Nonprofits http://minnesotanonprofits.org
MN CRS Minnesota Council of Residential Specialists http://www.MN-CRS.com
MCF Minnesota Council on Foundations http://www.mcf.org
MCEA Minnesota County Engineers Association http://www.mncountyengineers.org
MnCUN Minnesota Credit Union Network http://mncun.org
MCIA Minnesota Crop Improvement Association http://www.mncia.org
MCPR Minnesota Crop Production Retailers http://www.mcpr-cca.org
Minnesota DHIA Minnesota Dairy Herd Improvement Association http://www.mndhia.org
MDBA Minnesota Deer Breeders Association http://mndba.com
MDLA Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association http://mdla.org
MDA Minnesota Dental Association http://www.mndental.org
MDA Minnesota Dietetic Association http://www.mndietetics.org
MN-DONA Minnesota Directors of Nursing Administration/LTC http://mndona.org
MDTSEA Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.mdtsea.net
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