October 31, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MRWA Minnesota Rural Water Association http://www.mrwa.com
MSC Minnesota Safety Council http://www.minnesotasafetycouncil.org
MNSSPA Minnesota Salon and Spa Professional Association http://www.sspatoday.com
MSBA Minnesota School Boards Association http://www.mnmsba.org
MSSA Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association http://mnssa.com
MSSA Minnesota Service Station Association http://www.mnssa.com
MSA Minnesota Sheriffs' Association http://www.mnsheriffs.org
MSCA Minnesota Shopping Center Association http://www.msca-online.com
MNCPA Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.mncpa.org
MNSEA Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents http://www.mnsea.org
MSHP Minnesota Society of Health System Pharmacists http://www.mnshp.org
MnSPE Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mnspe.org
MSGA Minnesota Soybean Growers Association http://www.mnsoybean.org
MSHA Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://msha.net
MSANI Minnesota State Association of Narcotics Investigators http://msani.org
MSAA Minnesota State Auctioneers Association http://www.minnesotaauctioneers.org
MSBA Minnesota State Bar Association http://www.mnbar.org
MSHSCA Minnesota State High School Coaches Association http://www.mshsca.org
MSPTA Minnesota State Patrol Trooper's Association http://www.mspta.com
MSPTA Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association http://www.mspta.com
MTA Minnesota Telecom Alliance http://mnta.org
MTSA Minnesota Transport Services Association http://mtsa.org
MTA Minnesota Trucking Association http://www.mntruck.org
MTGF Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation http://www.mtgf.org
MTGA Minnesota Turkey Growers Association http://minnesotaturkey.com
MUCA Minnesota Utility Contractors Association http://www.muca.org
MUI Minnesota Utility Investors Association http://mnutilityinvestors.nonprofitoffice.com
MVMA Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mvma.org
MWWA Minnesota Water Well Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/StartPage.aspx?S
MN WIFT Minnesota Women in Film and Television http://www.mnwift.org
MWL Minnesota Women Lawyers http://www.mwlawyers.org
MWCIA Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association http://mwcia.org
MN/NDJA Minnesota/North Dakota Jewelers Association http://www.mn-ndjewelers.org
MiLB Minor League Baseball http://milb.com
MAFP Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians http://www.msafp.org
MAAA Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association http://msaaa.com
MAIC Mississippi Agricultural Industry Council http://www.maicms.org
MAA Mississippi Alarm Association http://msalarm.org
MASCA Mississippi Ambulatory Surgery Center Association http://www.masa-ms.org
MASBO Mississippi ASBO http://masbo.us
MAPA Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association http://www.msasphalt.com
MABC Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors http://www.msabc.net
MAHC Mississippi Association for Home Care http://www.mahc.org
MAJ Mississippi Association for Justice http://msaj.org
MAB Mississippi Association of Broadcasters http://www.msbroadcasters.org
MAE Mississippi Association of Educators http://maetoday.nea.org
MAIS Mississippi Association of Independent Schools http://home.msais.org
MAMB Mississippi Association of Mortgage Brokers http://www.msamb.org
MAR Mississippi Association of REALTORS http://www.msrealtors.org
MASA Mississippi Association of School Administrators http://www.msasa.org
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