October 23, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MHCO Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon http://www.mhco.org
MHIA Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona http://www.azhousing.org
MHI Manufactured Housing Institute http://www.manufacturedhousing.org
MHI Manufactured Housing Institute http://manufacturedhousing.org
MHISC Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina http://www.mhisc.com
MBAUSA Manufacturer & Business Association http://www.mbausa.org
MAPI Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI Inc. http://www.mapi.net
MCIC Manufacturers and Chemical Industry Council of North Carolina http://www.mcicnc.org
MACNY Manufacturers Association of Central New York http://www.macny.org
MCSSB Manufacturers Council of Small School Buses http://ntea.com/vango/core/committees.aspx?committee=COMMITTEE/MCSSB-R
MEWPC Manufacturers Elevating and Work Platform Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=45
MADDDC Manufacturers of Aerial Devices and Digger-Derricks Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=43#.T01LMYfCnIY
MECA Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association http://meca.org
MRTFC Manufacturers of Rough Terrain Forklifts Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=47#.T1eEdcDCnIY
MRA Manufacturers Representatives of America, Inc. http://mra-reps.com
MSS Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry, Inc. http://mss-hq.org
MSS Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry http://mss-hq.org
MAFSI Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry http://mafsi.org
MANA Manufacturers' Agents National Association http://manaonline.org
MAC Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut http://www.mact.org
MJSA Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America http://mjsa.org
MWAGNY Manufacturing Woodworkers' Association of Greater New York http://www.mwagny.com
MS Manuscript Society http://manuscript.org
MFMA Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association http://maplefloor.org
MIA Marble Institute of America http://marble-institute.com
MAT Marina Association of Texas http://www.marinaassociationoftexas.com
MCA Marine Corps Association http://www.mca-marines.org
MCAA Marine Corps Aviation Association http://flymcaa.org
MCL Marine Corps League http://mcleague.com
MCL Marine Corps League http://mcleague.com
MCRA Marine Corps Reserve Association http://usmcra.org
MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association http://mebaunion.org
MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association http://d1meba.org
MFA Marine Fabricators Association http://marinecanvas.com
MIASF Marine Industries Association of South Florida http://miasf.org
MIASF Marine Industries Association of South Florida http://www.miasf.org
MPA Marine Preservation Association http://www.mpaz.org
MPA Marine Preservation Association http://mpaz.org
MRAA Marine Retailers Association of America http://mraa.com
MTS Marine Technology Society http://www.mtsociety.org
MTAM Marine Trades Association of Maryland http://www.mtam.org
MTA/NJ Marine Trades Association of New Jersey http://www.mtanj.org
MFSA Maritime Fire and Safety Association http://www.mfsa.com
MLA Maritime Law Association of the U.S. http://mlaus.org
MTA Market Technicians Association http://www.mta.org
MAAW Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide http://maaw.org
MAGNET Marketing and Advertising Global Network http://magnetglobal.org
MAC Marketing Association of Credit Unions http://macnetwork.org
MEA Marketing Education Association http://marketingeducators.org
MRA Marketing Research Association http://www.marketingresearch.org
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