April 21, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MBSC Modular Building Systems Council http://arcat.com/arcatcos/cos37/arc37423.html
MBSA Modular Building Systems Association http://www.modularhousing.com
MBI Modular Building Institute http://modular.org
MBI Modular Building Institute http://www.modular.org
MLA Modern Language Association http://mla.org
MGSA Modern Greek Studies Association http://mgsa.org
MARC Model A Restorers Club http://www.modelaford.org
MAFCA Model A Ford Club of America http://www.mafca.com
MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide http://macsw.org
MSDEDA MN-SD Equipment Dealers Association http://www.msdeda.com
MWWA Missouri Water Well Association http://missouriwaterwellassociation.com
MVMA Missouri Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mvma.us
MoTA Missouri Trucking Association http://www.motrucking.org
MTC Missouri Travel Council http://www.missouritravel.com
MTIA Missouri Tire Industry Association http://www.mtia4u.org
MTIA Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association http://www.mtia.org
MOSTA Missouri State Troopers Association http://www.missouritrooper.com
MSTA Missouri State Teachers Association http://www.msta.org
MSMA Missouri State Medical Association http://www.msma.org
MO-UTU Missouri State Legislative Board/United Transportation Union http://mo.utu.org
MSHSAA Missouri State High School Activities Association http://www.mshsaa.org
MSCA Missouri State Chiropractors Association http://www.mscainfo.com/index2.html
MOPBA Missouri State Bowling Proprietors Association http://www.bowlmissouri.com
MoSALPN Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses http://www.mosalpn.org
MSA Missouri Soybean Association http://www.mosoy.org
MSRT Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists http://www.mosrt.org
MSPS Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors http://www.missourisurveyor.org
MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mspe.org
MoSEPS Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons http://www.moseps.com
MSCPA Missouri Society of CPAs http://www.mocpa.org
MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives http://www.msae.net
MSA Missouri Society of Accountants http://www.missouri-accountants.com
MSA Missouri Sheriffs Association http://www.mosheriffs.com
MSP Missouri Sheep Producers http://www.missourisheep.com
MSIA Missouri Self Insurers Association http://www.mo-msia.com
MSBA Missouri School Boards Association http://www.msbanet.org
MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association http://www.moruralwater.org
MRA Missouri Retailers Association http://www.moretailers.com
MRA Missouri Restaurant Association http://www.morestaurants.org
MRDA Missouri Rental Dealers Association http://www.missourirentaldealers.org
MPUA Missouri Public Utility Alliance http://www.mpua.org
MPTA Missouri Public Transit Association http://www.mptaonline.com
MOPA Missouri Psychological Association http://www.mopsych.org
MPGA Missouri Propane Gas Association http://www.missouripropane.com
MPAA Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association http://moauctioneers.org
MPCA Missouri Primary Care Association http://www.mo-pca.org
MPA Missouri Press Association http://www.mopress.com
MPF Missouri Poultry Federation http://www.thepoultryfederation.com
MPA Missouri Pork Association http://www.mopork.com
MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association http://www.mopca.com
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