April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MFA Massachusetts Food Association http://www.mafood.com
MFA Managed Funds Association http://managedfunds.org
MFA Marine Fabricators Association http://marinecanvas.com
MFA Mississippi Forestry Association http://www.msforestry.net
MFA Montana Florists Association http://mtfloristassc.com
MFA Michigan Floral Association http://www.michiganfloral.org
MFA Michigan Forest Association http://www.michiganforests.com
MFA Minnesota Food Association http://www.mnfoodassociation.org
MFA Minnesota Forestry Association http://www.minnesotaforestry.org
MFA Midwest Forage Association http://www.midwestforage.org
MFA Medical Fitness Association http://medicalfitness.org
MFB Missouri Farm Bureau Services Association http://www.mofb.org
MFB Maryland Farm Bureau http://www.mdfarmbureau.com
MFB Michigan Farm Bureau http://www.michfb.com
MFBA Maine Farm Bureau Association http://www.mainefarmbureau.com
MFBA Michigan Food and Beverage Association http://michfood.org
MFBF Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. http://www.mfbf.net
MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org
MFBF Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation http://www.fbmn.org
MFBF Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation http://www.msfb.org
MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org.preview.s3.agtown.com/controller/home?_load=default
MFBF Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation http://www.fbmn.org
MFBPWC Michigan Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs http://www.bpw-michigan.org
MFC Michigan Forage Council http://michiganforagecouncil.com/Home
MFCF Michigan Federation for Children and Families http://www.michfed.org
MFCP Midwest Free Community Papers http://mfcp.org
MFDA Michigan Funeral Directors Association http://mfda.org
MFDA Mississippi Funeral Directors Association http://www.mississippifuneraldirectors.com
MFDA Montana Funeral Directors Association http://www.mfda.net
MFDA Minnesota Funeral Directors Association http://www.mnfuneral.org
MFDA Maine Funeral Directors Association http://www.mefda.org
MFDA Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association http://www.massfda.org
MFDA Montana Food Distributors Association http://www.mfda.biz
MFDEA Missouri Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association http://www.mofuneral.org
MFEA Mutual Fund Education Alliance http://mfea.info
MFEA Michigan Festivals and Events Association http://www.mfea.org
MFEA Minnesota Festivals and Events Association http://www.mfea.net
MFGA Massachusetts Flower Growers Association http://www.massflowergrowers.com
MFGC Missouri Forage and Grassland Council http://agebb.missouri.edu/mfgc
MFHCO Multifamily Housing Council of Oregon http://www.mfhco.com
MFI Minnesota Forest Industries http://minnesotaforests.com
MFIS Michigan Fire Inspectors Society http://mfis.org
MFJSA Mass Finishing Job Shops Association http://mfjsa.com
MFLA Massachusetts Forest Landowners Association http://massforests.org
MFM Media Financial Management Association http://mediafinance.org
MFMA Metal Findings Manufacturers Association http://mfma.net
MFMA Minnesota Farmers' Market Association http://www.mfma.org
MFMA Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association http://maplefloor.org
MFMA Metal Framing Manufacturers Association http://metalframingmfg.org
MFPA Michigan Food Processors Association http://www.michfpa.org
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