October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MDHBA Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates http://mdhba.org
    MDIA Maryland Dairy Industry Association http://www.marylanddairyindustry.org
    MDLA Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association http://www.msdefenselaw.org
    MDLA Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association http://mdla.org
    MDMA Medical Device Manufacturers Association http://medicaldevices.org
    MDMA Midwest Direct Marketing Association http://mdma.org
    MDNA Machinery Dealers National Association http://mdna.org
    MDNC/MDPB Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council/Maine Dairy Promotion Board http://www.drinkmainemilk.org
    MDO Missouri Dance Organization http://www.missouridance.org
    MDPTA Maryland State Parent Teacher Association http://www.mdpta.org
    MDRT Million Dollar Round Table http://mdrt.org
    MDS Michigan Dermatological Society http://midermsoc.org
    MDS Massachusetts Dental Society http://www.massdental.org
    MDS Movement Disorder Society http://movementdisorders.org
    MDSA Missouri Deputy Sheriffs' Association http://modeputy.org
    MDTA Missouri Dump Truckers Association http://www.modumptruck.com
    MDTC Michigan Defense Trial Counsel http://www.mdtc.org
    MDTL Montana Defense Trial Lawyers http://www.mdtl.net
    MDTSEA Michigan Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.adtsea.org/michigan
    MDTSEA Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association http://www.mdtsea.net
    MDVA Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association http://www.mdva.org
    MDWA The Maryland-Delaware Watermelon Association http://www.mardelwatermelon.org
    MEA Minnesota Electrical Association http://www.electricalassociation.com
    MEA Marketing Education Association http://marketingeducators.org
    MEA Midwest Energy Association http://www.midwestenergy.org
    MEA Maine Education Association http://maine.nea.org
    MEA Mid Atlantic Employers' Association http://www.meainfo.org
    MEA Michigan Education Association http://www.mea.org
    MEA-MFT MEA-MFT http://mea-mft.org
    MEAA Master Electricians Association of Alabama http://www.gulfcoastneca.org
    MEACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions http://www.meacc.net
    MEAFL-CIO Maine AFL-CIO http://www.maineaflcio.org
    MEAM Municipal Electric Association of Massachusetts http://www.meam.org
    MEAPA Maine Association of Physician Assistants http://www.deapa.com
    MeASBO Maine ASBO http://www.measbo.org
    MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association http://mebaunion.org
    MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association http://d1meba.org
    MEC Mississippi Economic Council - The State Chamber of Commerce http://www.msmec.com
    MECA Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association http://www.mecanews.com
    MECA Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association Inc http://www.mecanews.com
    MECA Michigan Electric Cooperative Association http://meca.coop
    MECA Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association http://meca.org
    MECA Montana Electric Cooperatives Association http://www.mtco-ops.com
    MECOA Maine Campground Owners Association http://www.campmaine.com
    MECUL Maine Credit Union League http://www.mainecul.org
    MEDA Montana Equipment Dealers Association http://www.mtequipmentdealers.com
    MEDA Midwest Equipment Dealers Association http://medaassn.com
    MEDC Missouri Economic Development Council http://showme.org
    MedChi Med Chi, The Maryland State Medical Society http://medchi.org
    MEEA Midwest Environmental Enforcement Association http://www.regionalassociations.org/meea-public/meea.aspx


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