October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MEENT Mississippi Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Association http://www.meenta.com
    MEGA Michigan Electric and Gas Association http://gomega.org
    MEIA Maine Innkeepers Association http://www.maineinns.com
    MEIEA Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association http://meiea.org
    MELA Middle East Librarians' Association http://mela.us
    MeLNA Maine Landscape and Nursery Association http://melna.org
    MEMA Maine Energy Marketers Association http://www.maineenergymarketers.com
    MEMA Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association http://mema.org
    MEMA Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association http://mema.org
    MEMHCA Maine Mental Health Counselors Association http://www.memhca.org
    MEMO Maryland Educational Media Organization http://aect.site-ym.com/?page=maryland_educational
    MEMO Minnesota Educational Media Organization http://www.memoweb.org
    MEMS Mineral Economics and Management Society http://www.minecon.com
    MEMSPA Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association http://www.memspa.org
    MePA Maine Psychological Association http://mepa.org
    MEPAK Municipal Electric Power Association of Kentucky http://www.mepak.org
    MEPAV Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia http://www.vml.org/afor/mepav1.html
    MER Museum Education Roundtable http://museumeducation.info
    MERA Maine Restaurant Association http://www.mainerestaurant.com
    MES Mississippi Engineering Society http://www.msengsoc.org
    MESA Middle East Studies Association of North America http://mesana.org
    MESA Medical Equipment Suppliers Association http://mesanet.org
    MESDA TechMaine http://www.techmaine.com/
    MeSH Maine Society for Histotechnology http://www.mehisto.org
    MESPA Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association http://mespa.org
    MESPA Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association http://mespa.net
    MeSPE Maine Society of Professional Engineers http://www.mespe.org
    MESSA Michigan Education Special Services Association http://www.messa.org
    METAA Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association http://techdirectors.org/site/default.aspx?PageID=1
    MEUA Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York State http://www.meua.org
    MEUA Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York State http://www.meua.org
    MEUW Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin http://www.meuw.org
    MEWPC Manufacturers Elevating and Work Platform Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=45
    MFA Midwest Forage Association http://www.midwestforage.org
    MFA Medical Fitness Association http://medicalfitness.org
    MFA Mississippi Forestry Association http://www.msforestry.net
    MFA Michigan Floral Association http://www.michiganfloral.org
    MFA Montana Florists Association http://mtfloristassc.com
    MFA Michigan Forest Association http://michiganforests.com
    MFA Minnesota Forestry Association http://www.minnesotaforestry.org
    MFA Minnesota Food Association http://mnfoodassociation.org
    MFA Massachusetts Food Association http://www.mafood.com
    MFA Managed Funds Association http://managedfunds.org
    MFA Marine Fabricators Association http://marinecanvas.com
    MFB Michigan Farm Bureau http://www.michfb.com
    MFB Maryland Farm Bureau http://www.mdfarmbureau.com
    MFB Missouri Farm Bureau Services Association http://www.mofb.org
    MFBA Maine Farm Bureau Association http://www.mainefarmbureau.com
    MFBA Michigan Food and Beverage Association http://michfood.org
    MFBF Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation http://www.fbmn.org


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