April 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MFPA Missouri Forest Products Association http://www.moforest.org
MFPC Maine Forest Products Council http://www.maineforest.org
MFSA Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association http://www.mfsanet.org
MFSA Maritime Fire and Safety Association http://mfsa.com
MFTHBA Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association http://mfthba.com
MFU Michigan Farmers Union http://nfu.org/about-nfu/in-the-states/michigan
MFU Minnesota Farmers Union http://mfu.org
MFU Montana Farmers Union http://www.montanafarmersunion.com
MFVGA Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association http://www.mfvga.org
MGA Mid-Atlantic Glass Association http://midatlanticglass.org
MGA Massachusetts Golf Association http://www.mgalinks.org
MGA Michigan Glass Association http://www.mgaglass.org
MGA Minnesota Golf Association http://www.mngolf.org
MGA Michigan Grocers Association http://www.michigangrocers.org
MGA Minnesota Grocers Association http://www.mngrocers.com
MGA Midsouth Grain Association http://www.ngfa.org/hotlink_affilassoc.asp
MGA Maine Grocers Association http://www.mainegrocers.org
MGA Midwestern Governors Association http://www.midwesterngovernors.org
MGCA Men's Garden Clubs of America http://www.tgoa-mgca.org
MGCOA Michigan Golf Course Owners Association http://www.mgcoa.org
MGCSA Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association http://www.mgcsa.org
MGCSA Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association http://www.mainegcsa.org
MGEA Montana Grain Elevator Association http://www.grainnet.com
MGFA Minnesota Grain and Feed Association http://www.mgfa.org
MGGA Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association http://www.mdgga.org
MGGA Montana Grain Growers Association http://mgga.org
MGMA MGMA-ACMPE http://mgma.com
MGMA Medical Group Management Association http://www.mgma.com
MGPA Maryland Grain Producers Association http://www.marylandgrain.com
MGS Montana Geological Society http://www.montanags.com
MGSA Modern Greek Studies Association http://mgsa.org
MGTA Midwest Global Trade Association http://www.mgta.org
MGWA Michigan Ground Water Association http://www.michigangroundwater.com
MGWA Maine Ground Water Association http://www.mainegroundwater.org
MGWA Missouri Ground Water Association http://www.missourigroundwater.org
MH&LA Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.mshla.com
MHA Massachusetts Hospital Association http://www.mhalink.org
MHA Midwest Hardware Association, Inc. http://www.midwesthardware.com
MHA Michigan Health & Hospital Association http://www.mha.org
MHA Mental Health America http://www.nmha.org
MHA Maryland Hospital Association http://www.mhaonline.org
MHA Michigan Health & Hospital Association http://www.mha.org
MHA Maine Hospital Association http://www.themha.org
MHA Minnesota Hospital Association http://www.mnhospitals.org
MHA Mississippi Hospital Association http://www.mhanet.org
MHA Minnesota Holstein Association http://www.mnholstein.com
MHA Massachusetts Hospital Association http://www.mhalink.org
MHA Minnesota Multi Housing Association http://www.mmha.com
MHA MHA - An Association of Montana Health Care Providers http://www.mtha.org
MHA Missouri Hospital Association http://www.mhanet.com
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