May 25, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

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MEENT Mississippi Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Association
MEGA Michigan Electric and Gas Association
MEIA Maine Innkeepers Association
MEIEA Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association
MELA Middle East Librarians' Association
MeLNA Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
MEMA Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association
MEMA Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association
MEMA Maine Energy Marketers Association
MEMHCA Maine Mental Health Counselors Association
MEMO Maryland Educational Media Organization
MEMO Minnesota Educational Media Organization
MEMS Mineral Economics and Management Society
MEMSPA Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association
MePA Maine Psychological Association
MEPAK Municipal Electric Power Association of Kentucky
MEPAV Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia
MER Museum Education Roundtable
MERA Maine Restaurant Association
MES Mississippi Engineering Society
MESA Middle East Studies Association of North America
MESA Medical Equipment Suppliers Association
MESDA TechMaine
MeSH Maine Society for Histotechnology
MESPA Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association
MESPA Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association
MeSPE Maine Society of Professional Engineers
MESSA Michigan Education Special Services Association
METAA Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association
MEUA Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York State
MEUA Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York State
MEUW Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin
MEWPC Manufacturers Elevating and Work Platform Council
MFA Massachusetts Food Association
MFA Managed Funds Association
MFA Marine Fabricators Association
MFA Mississippi Forestry Association
MFA Montana Florists Association
MFA Michigan Floral Association
MFA Michigan Forest Association
MFA Minnesota Food Association
MFA Minnesota Forestry Association
MFA Midwest Forage Association
MFA Medical Fitness Association
MFB Missouri Farm Bureau Services Association
MFB Maryland Farm Bureau
MFB Michigan Farm Bureau
MFBA Maine Farm Bureau Association
MFBA Michigan Food and Beverage Association
MFBF Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.
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