April 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MMEA Minnesota Music Educators Association http://www.mmea.org
MMEA Mississippi Music Educators Association http://www.msmea.org
MMEA Missouri Music Educators Association http://www.mmea.net
MMEA Montana Music Educators Association http://www.mtmusiced.org
MMEA Michigan Municipal Electric Association http://mmeanet.org
MMGMA Minnesota Medical Group Management Association http://www.mmgma.org
MMH&RV Montana Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.mtmhrv.org
MMHA Missouri Manufactured Housing Association http://www.mmha.net
MMHA Michigan Manufactured Housing Association http://www.michhome.org
MMHA Minnesota Manufactured Housing Association http://www.mnmfghome.org
MMHA Mississippi Manufactured Housing Association http://www.msmmha.com
MMI Money Management Institute http://moneyinstitute.com
MML Mississippi Municipal League http://www.mmlonline.com
MML Missouri Municipal League http://www.mocities.com
MML Maryland Municipal League http://www.mdmunicipal.org
MML Michigan Municipal League http://www.mml.org
MMLA Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association http://www.mmla.net
MMMA Missouri Merchants and Manufacturers http://mmma.org
MMPA Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association http://wmmpa.com
MMPA Michigan Milk Producers Association http://ww2.mimilk.com
MMPI Meeting Professionals International - Michigan Chapter http://www.mmpi.org
MMS Massachusetts Medical Society http://www.massmed.org
MMSA Medical Mycological Society of the Americas http://mycologicalsociety.org
MMSA Materials and Methods Standards Association http://mmsa.ws
MMSA Mining and Metallurgical Society of America http://mmsa.net
MMSA Missouri Middle School Association http://www.mmsa-mo.org
MMSDC Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council http://www.mmbdc.com
MMSPA Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association, Inc. http://www.mnmaple.org
MMTA Massachusetts Marine Trades Association http://www.boatma.com
MMTA Maine Marine Trade Association http://www.mainemarinetrades.com
MMTA Maryland Motor Truck Association http://www.mmtanet.com
MMTA Maine Motor Transport Association http://www.mmta.com
MMUA Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association http://www.mmua.org
MN WIFT Minnesota Women in Film and Television http://www.mnwift.org
MN-AAP American Academy of Pediatrics - Minnesota http://www.mnaap.org
MN-APTA American Physical Therapy Association - Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnapta.org
MN-DONA Minnesota Directors of Nursing Administration/LTC http://www.mndona.org
MN/ND-ABC Associated Builders and Contractors - Minnesota Chapter http://www.mnabc.com
MN/NDJA Minnesota/North Dakota Jewelers Association http://www.mn-ndjewelers.org
MNA Montana Nonprofit Association http://www.mtnonprofit.org
MNA Montana Newspaper Association http://www.mtnewspapers.com
MNA Minnesota Newspaper Association http://www.mna.org
MNA Michigan Nurses Association http://www.minurses.org
MNA Mississippi Nurses' Association http://www.msnurses.org
MNA Maryland Nurses Association http://www.marylandrn.org
MNA Michigan Nonprofit Association http://www.mnaonline.org
MNA Massachusetts Nurses Association http://www.massnurses.org
MNA Minnesota Nurses Association http://www.mnnurses.org
MNA Montana Nurses Association http://mtnurses.enpnetwork.com
MNACEP American College of Emergency Physicians - Minnesota Chapter http://mnacep.org
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