July 01, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MIMA Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association http://mima.org
MIMA Metal Injection Molding Association http://mimaweb.org
MINECA National Electrical Contractors Association - Michigan Chapter http://mineca.org
Minnesota DHIA Minnesota Dairy Herd Improvement Association http://www.mndhia.org
MiOTA Michigan Occupational Therapy Association http://www.mi-ota.com
MIPRIMA Michigan PRIMA http://www.miprima.org
MiRCA Michigan Roofing Contractors Association http://mirca.org
MISA Maryland Investigators and Security Association http://misahq.com
MISA Motorist Information and Services Association http://misaonline.org
MISA Military Impacted Schools Association http://militaryimpactedschoolsassociation.org
MISA Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance http://fpsa.org/meat-industry-suppliers-allian
MiSEPS Michigan Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons http://www.miseps.org
MISL Major Indoor Soccer League http://misl.net
MISMR Michigan Society for Medical Research http://www.mismr.org
MiSTMA Michigan Sports Turf Managers Association  http://mistma.org
MIT Masonry Institute of Tennessee http://masonryinsttn.com
MITA Maryland Industrial Technology Alliance http://mitainc.org
MITA Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance http://medicalimaging.org
MITA Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association http://mi-ita.com
MITC Maine International Trade Center http://www.mitc.com
MIW Masonry Institute of Washington http://www.masonryinstitute.com
MJA Missouri Jewelers Association http://www.missourijewelers.org
MJJA Missouri Juvenile Justice Association http://www.mjja.org
MJSA Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America http://mjsa.org
MKA Machine Knife Association http://machineknife.org
MLA Massachusetts Lodging Association http://www.masslodging.com
MLA Montana Library Association http://www.mtlib.org
MLA Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association http://lobstermen.com
MLA Medical Library Association http://mlanet.org
MLA Multi-Housing Laundry Association http://mla-online.com
MLA Maine Library Association http://mainelibraries.org
MLA Minnesota Library Association http://mnlibraryassociation.org
MLA Montana Logging Association http://www.logging.org
MLA Multi-Housing Laundry Association http://mla-online.com
MLA Maritime Law Association of the U.S. http://mlaus.org
MLA Mid-America Lumbermens Association http://themla.com
MLA Modern Language Association http://mla.org
MLA Music Library Association http://musiclibraryassoc.org
MLA Minnesota Lodging Association http://www.hospitalitymn.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=3
MLA Michigan Library Association http://www.milibraries.org
MLA Maine Lobsterman's Association http://mainelobstermen.org
MLA Maryland Library Association http://www.mdlib.org
MLA Massachusetts Library Association http://www.masslib.org
MLA Mississippi Library Association http://misslib.org
MLA Missouri Library Association http://molib.org
MLB Major League Baseball - Office of the Commissioner http://www.mlb.com
MLB Major League Baseball http://mlb.mlb.com
MLBA Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association http://www.mlba.com
MLBA Michigan Licensed Beverage Association http://mlba.org
MLBA Michigan Licensed Beverage Association http://www.mlba.org
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