October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MOLN Minnesota Organization of Leaders in Nursing http://www.moln.org
    MOMA Mississippi Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.moma-net.org
    MOMA Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusements http://momapoolanddarts.com
    MOMS Minnesota Osteopathic Medical Society http://www.mndo.org
    MONA Missouri Nurses Association http://www.missourinurses.org
    MONAPUS National Association of Postmasters of the United States: Missouri Chapter http://www.monapus.com
    MONE Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives http://www.mdone.org/
    MONE Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives http://mone.org
    MONE Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives http://www.monedev.org
    MONGA Missouri National Guard Association http://www.mongaonline.com
    MOPA Missouri Psychological Association http://mopaonline.org
    MOPBA Missouri State Bowling Proprietors Association http://bowlmissouri.com
    MoPRIMA Missouri PRIMA http://www.moprima.org/
    MORS Military Operations Research Society http://mors.org
    MOS Minnesota Orthopaedic Society http://mnorthopaedic.org
    MoSALPN Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses http://www.mosalpn.org
    MoSALPN Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Inc http://mosalpn.org
    MoSEPS Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons http://www.moseps.com
    MoSPRA Missouri School Public Relations http://mospra.schoolwires.com
    MOSTA Missouri State Troopers Association http://www.missouritrooper.com
    MOTA Maryland Occupational Therapy Association http://mdota.org
    MOTA Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association http://www.motafunctionfirst.org
    MoTA Missouri Trucking Association http://www.motrucking.org
    MOWA Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association http://www.mowa-mn.com
    MOWAA Meals on Wheels Association of America http://mowaa.org
    MPA Massachusetts Psychological Association http://www.masspsych.org
    MPA Missouri Pork Association http://mopork.com
    MPA Montana Psychiatric Association http://www.psych.org/dblisting
    MPA Maine Press Association http://mainepress.wordpress.com
    MPA Mississippi Psychological Association http://www.mpassoc.org
    MPA Maryland Psychological Association http://www.marylandpsychology.org
    MPA Mississippi Press Association http://mspress.org
    MPA Minnesota Paralegal Association http://mnparalegals.org
    MPA Minnesota Psychological Association http://www.mnpsych.org
    MPA MPA - The Association of Magazine Media http://magazine.org
    MPA Montana Pharmacy Association http://www.rxmt.org
    MPA Marine Preservation Association http://mpaz.org
    MPA Missouri Pharmacy Association http://www.morx.com
    MPA Marine Preservation Association http://mpaz.org
    MPA Michigan Pharmacists Association http://www.michiganpharmacists.org
    MPA Montana Psychological Association http://ebiz.netopia.com/mpa/door
    MPA Maine Pharmacy Association http://www.mparx.com
    MPA Music Publishers Association of the United States http://mpa.org
    MPA Michigan Press Association http://michiganpress.org
    MPA Missouri Press Association http://mopress.com
    MPA Methacrylate Producers Association http://mpausa.org
    MPA Maine Principals' Association http://mpa.cc
    MPA Montana Petroleum Association http://www.montanapetroleum.org
    MPA Mississippi Poultry Association http://mspoultry.org
    MPA Maryland Polygraph Association http://www.mdpolygraph.org


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