October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MRTFC Manufacturers of Rough Terrain Forklifts Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=47#.T1eEdcDCnIY
    MRVDA Maryland Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association http://www.mdrv.com
    MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association http://www.moruralwater.org
    MRWA Minnesota Rural Water Association http://www.mrwa.com
    MRWA Maine Rural Water Association http://www.mainerwa.org
    MRWA Michigan Rural Water Association http://mrwa.net
    MRWA Maryland Rural Water Association http://www.md-rwa.org
    MRWS Montana Rural Water Systems Association http://mrws.org
    MS Manuscript Society http://manuscript.org
    MS The Manuscript Society http://manuscript.org
    MS IEEE Magnetics Society http://ieeemagnetics.org
    MS-ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education - Mississippi Chapter http://mississippiacte.com
    MS-ASA American Subcontractors Association of Mississippi http://www.msasa.com
    MSA Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association http://mass.gov/msa
    MSA Maine Staffing Association http://americanstaffing.net/maine-staffing-associ
    MSA Missouri Sheriffs Association http://www.mosheriffs.com
    MSA Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.massanesthesiology.org
    MSA Mississippi Soybean Association http://mssoybean.com
    MSA Midwest Sign Association http://www.msassn.org
    MSA Minnesota Sheriffs' Association http://mnsheriffs.org
    MSA Microscopy Society of America http://microscopy.org
    MSA Maryland Sign Association http://www.mdsignassn.org
    MSA Maryland Society of Accountants http://www.msacct.org
    MSA Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools http://middlestates.org
    MSA Mineralogical Society of America http://minsocam.org
    MSA Maryland Sheriffs Association http://mdsheriffs.org
    MSA Michigan Soybean Association http://www.michigansoybean.org/MSASite/msahome.html
    MSA Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.mianesthesiologist.org
    MSA Massachusetts Staffing Association http://www.msastaffing.com
    MSA CPA Manufacturing Services Association http://manufacturingcpas.com
    MSA Metaphysical Society of America http://metaphysicalsociety.org
    MSA Michigan Sheriffs' Association http://www.michigansheriff.com
    MSA Museum Store Association http://museumstoreassociation.org
    MSA Maine Snowmobile Association http://www.mesnow.com
    MSA Mycological Society of America http://msafungi.org
    MSA Missouri Soybean Association http://mosoy.org
    MSA Missouri Society of Accountants http://www.missouri-accountants.com
    MSAA Minnesota State Auctioneers Association http://www.minnesotaauctioneers.org
    MSAA Michigan State Auctioneers Association http://msaa.org
    MSABSE Maryland Alliance of Black School Educators http://www.nabse.org/affiliates.html
    MSACC American College of Cardiology - Mississippi Chapter http://www.msacc.org
    MSACCA National After School Association - Maryland Chapter http://www.msacca.org
    MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association http://www.msada.org
    MSAE Maryland Society of Association Executives http://www.asaecenter.org/Community/content.cfm?ItemNumbe
    MSAE Midwest Society of Association Executives http://www.msae.com
    MSAE Michigan Society of Association Executives http://www.msae.org
    MSAE Mississippi Society of Association Executives http://www.msae-net.org
    MSAE Montana Society of Association Executives http://www.mtsae.com/
    MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives http://www.msae.net
    MSANI Minnesota State Association of Narcotic Investigators http://www.msani.org/


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