October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MAP Michigan Association of Planning http://www.planningmi.org
    MnRA Minnesota Retailers Association http://www.mnretail.org
    MAAA Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association http://www.msaaa.com
    MMMA Missouri Merchants and Manufacturers http://mmma.org
    MPB Maine Potato Board http://www.mainepotatoes.com
    MMSA Medical Mycological Society of the Americas http://mycologicalsociety.org
    MAFTO Mid-Atlantic Food Trades Organization http://mafto.org
    MACo Montana Association of Counties http://mtcounties.org
    MNA Michigan Nonprofit Association http://mnaonline.org
    MSHPBA Middle States Hearth Patio and Barbeque Association http://midstateshpba.org
    MPI/NE Meeting Professionals International - New England Chapter http://mpine.org
    MPA Missouri Pork Association http://mopork.com
    MINECA National Electrical Contractors Association - Michigan Chapter http://mineca.org
    MBC Minnesota Beef Council http://mnbeef.org
    MLTA Montana Land Title Association http://www.mtlandtitle.com
    MGWA Maine Ground Water Association http://www.mainegroundwater.org
    MGWA Missouri Ground Water Association http://www.missourigroundwater.org
    MBS Miniature Book Society http://mbs.org
    MPGA Minnesota Propane Gas Association http://mnpropane.org
    MAVA Mid-Atlantic Venture Association http://www.mava.org
    MSA Maryland Sign Association http://www.mdsignassn.org
    MABB Michigan Association of Blood Banks http://mabb.org
    MLS Major League Soccer http://mlssoccer.com
    MAO Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology http://www.mneyemd.org
    MSIA Missouri Self Insurers Association http://www.mo-msia.com
    MAO The Montana Academy of Ophthalmology http://www.mteyemds.org
    MRHA Minnesota Rural Health Association http://www.mnruralhealth.org
    MITA Maryland Industrial Technology Alliance http://mitainc.org
    MOACTE Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education http://www.mo-acte.org
    MMPI Meeting Professionals International - Michigan Chapter http://www.mmpi.org
    MWPA Maine Wood Products Association http://www.mwpa.org
    MRA Manufacturers Representatives of America, Inc. http://mra-reps.com
    MARTA Massachusetts Association of Regional Transit Authorities http://matransit.com
    MCASC Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina http://www.mcasc.com
    MAHU Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters http://emahu.org
    MMGMA Minnesota Medical Group Management Association http://mmgma.org
    MGTA Midwest Global Trade Association http://www.mgta.org
    MASS Mississippi Association of School Superintendents http://www.superintendents.ms
    MoALPHA Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies http://www.moalpha.org
    MPGC Minnesota Planned Giving Council http://mnpgc.org
    MCA Midwest Carwash Association http://www.midwestcarwash.com
    MAOP Maryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians http://www.maops.com
    MOMS Minnesota Osteopathic Medical Society http://www.mndo.org
    MTOMA Montana Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.mtoma.org
    MPS Midwest Pain Society http://www.americanpainsociety.org/societies/content/midw
    MARBC Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council http://ma-rbc.org
    MCO Michigan Corrections Organization - SEIU Local 526M http://www.mco-seiu.org
    MPI-CAC Meeting Professionals International - Chicago Area Chapter http://mpicac.org
    MLHIGA Michigan Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association http://www.milifega.org
    MNOA Montana Narcotics Officers Association http://www.mnoa.org


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