October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    MBA Montana Bankers Association http://www.montanabankers.com
    MBC Montana Beef Council http://www.montanabeefcouncil.org
    MBPA Montana Bowling Proprietors Association http://www.bowlmontana.com
    MBA Montana Broadcasters Association http://www.mtbroadcasters.org
    MBIA Montana Building Industry Association http://www.montanabia.com
    MCC Montana Chamber of Commerce http://www.montanachamber.com
    MAPTA Montana Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association http://mapta.com
    MCA Montana Chiropractic Association http://www.mtchiro.org
    MCC Montana Coal Council http://montanacoalcouncil.com
    MCMOA Montana Coin Machine Operators Association http://www.amoa.com/state-associations/state-assoc
    MCA Montana Contractors' Association http://www.mtagc.org
    MCOC Montana Council of Cooperatives http://www.montanacouncil.coop
    MCAA Montana County Attorneys Association http://www.mtcoattorneysassn.org
    MCUN Montana Credit Union Network http://www.mcun.coop
    MDTL Montana Defense Trial Lawyers http://www.mdtl.net
    MDA Montana Dental Association http://www.mtdental.com
    MECA Montana Electric Cooperatives Association http://www.mtco-ops.com
    MEDA Montana Equipment Dealers Association http://www.mtequipmentdealers.com
    MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org
    MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org
    MFU Montana Farmers Union http://www.montanafarmersunion.com
    MFA Montana Florists Association http://mtfloristassc.com
    MFDA Montana Food Distributors Association http://www.mfda.biz
    MFDA Montana Funeral Directors Association http://www.montanafuneraldirectors.org
    MGS Montana Geological Society http://www.montanags.com
    MGEA Montana Grain Elevator Association http://www.grainnet.com/companies/Montana_Grain_El
    MGGA Montana Grain Growers Association http://mgga.org
    MHCA Montana Health Care Association http://www.mthealthcare.org
    MHSA Montana High School Association http://www.mhsa.org
    MIB Montana Independent Bankers Association http://www.mibonline.org
    MIKA Montana Innkeepers Association http://www.montanainnkeepers.com
    MLTA Montana Land Title Association http://www.mtlandtitle.com
    MLCT Montana League of Cities and Towns http://www.mtleague.org/home.html
    MLA Montana Library Association http://www.mtlib.org
    MLHA Montana Lodging and Hospitality Association http://www.mtlha.com
    MLA Montana Logging Association http://www.logging.org
    MMH&RV Montana Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.mtmhrv.org/
    MMA Montana Medical Association http://www.mmaoffice.com
    MMA Montana Mining Association http://www.montanamining.org
    MMCA Montana Motor Carrier's Association http://www.mttrucking.org
    MMEA Montana Music Educators Association http://mtmusiced.org
    MNOA Montana Narcotics Officers Association http://www.mnoa.org
    MTNGA Montana National Guard Association http://www.mtnga.org
    MNA Montana Newspaper Association http://www.mtnewspapers.com
    MNA Montana Nonprofit Association http://mtnonprofit.org
    MNLA Montana Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.plantingmontana.com
    MNA Montana Nurses Association http://mtnurses.org
    MOA Montana Optometric Association http://www.nvo.com/moa
    MTOMA Montana Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.mtoma.org
    MOGA Montana Outfitters and Guides Association http://www.montanaoutfitters.org


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