October 25, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MVEA Mississippi Valley Equipment Association http://www.mvea.com
MVMA Maryland Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mdvma.org
MVMA Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association http://masonryveneer.org
MVMA Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association http://www.massvet.org
MVMA Maine Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mainevetmed.org
MVMA Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/StartPage.aspx
MVMA Michigan Veterinary Medical Association http://www.michvma.org
MVMA Missouri Veterinary Medical Association http://www.movma.org
MVMA Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association http://www.mvma.org
MVMA Montana Veterinary Medical Association http://mtvma.org
MVMPA Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association http://mdvamilk.com
MVPA Military Vehicle Preservation Association http://www.mvpa.org
MVSS Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society http://www.vascularweb.org/mvss
MWA Maryland Wineries Association http://marylandwine.com
MWA Maryland Watermen's Association http://marylandwatermen.com
MWA Mystery Writers of America http://mysterywriters.org
MWACSM American College of Sports Medicine - Midwest Chapter http://mwacsm.org
MWAGNY Manufacturing Woodworkers' Association of Greater New York http://www.mwagny.com
MWAIIA Metropolitan Washington Association of Independent Insurance Agents http://www.iiaba.net/DC/default?ContentPreference=DC&Acti
MWCIA Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association http://mwcia.org
MWCUA Mountain West Credit Union Association http://www.mwcua.com
MWDA Mississippi Wholesale Distributors Association http://mswda.com
MWDLA Midwest Drycleaning and Laundry Association http://www.mwdla.com
MWFPA Midwest Food Processors Association http://www.mwfpa.org
MWFPA Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc http://www.mwfpa.org
MWGA Montana Wool Growers Association http://www.mtsheep.org
MWI Maryland Works Inc http://www.mdworks.com
MWL Minnesota Women Lawyers http://www.mwlawyers.org
MWMA Municipal Waste Management Association http://usmayors.org/mwma
MWMA Michigan Weights and Measures Association http://www.miwma.com
MWPA Montana Wood Products Association http://www.montanaforests.com
MWPA Maine Wood Products Association http://www.mwpa.org
MWPCA Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association http://www.mwpca.org
MWRA Mississippi Water Resources Association http://www.mswater.org
MWRTBA Metropolitan Washington Road and Transportation Builders Association http://mwrtba.org
MWSA Michigan Women's Studies Association http://www.michiganwomenshalloffame.org/mwsa
MWSRA Midwest Winter Sports Representatives Association http://www.midwestwinterreps.com
MWUA Maine Water Utilities Association http://mwua.org
MWWA Missouri Water Well Association http://missouriwaterwellassociation.com
MWWA Minnesota Water Well Association http://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/StartPage.aspx?S
MWWDA Montana Water Well Drillers Association http://www.mwwda.org
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