October 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MD/DC CRS Maryland/DC Council of Residential Specialists http://mddccrs.com
    MA CRS Massachusetts Council of Residential Specialists http://massachusettscrs.com
    MI CRS Michigan Council of Residential Specialists http://MichiganCRS.com
    Mid-South CRS Mid South of Council of Residential Specialists http://MidsouthCRS.com
    MN CRS Minnesota Council of Residential Specialists http://www.MN-CRS.com
    MGA Massachusetts Guardianship Association http://www.massguardianshipassociation.org
    MAGiC Minnesota Association for Guardianship and Conservatorship http://www.minnesotaguardianship.org
    MSTA Michigan Septic Tank Association http://www.msta.biz
    MOWA Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association http://www.mowa-mn.com
    MN IAFN International Association of Forensic Nurses: Minnesota Chapter http://mnforensicnurses.org
    MATSA Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers http://www.matsa.org/
    MnATSA Minnesota Chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers http://www.mnatsa.org/
    MAWHA Mid-Atlantic World History Association http://midatlanticwha.com
    MCAFDO Mid-Continental Association of Food and Drug Officials http://mcafdo.afdo.org
    MASBBM Mid-Atlantic Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine http://www.masbbm.org/
    MPI NJ Meeting Professionals International: New Jersey Chapter http://www.mpinewjersey.org
    MPIWSC Meeting Professionals International: Washington State Chapter http://www.mpiwsc.org
    MPI-CC Meeting Professionals International: Carolinas Chapter http://www.mpi-cc.org
    MPI:TN Meeting Professionals International: Tennessee Chapter http://www.tnmpi.org
    MPIOK Meeting Professionals International: Oklahoma Chapter http://www.mpiok.org
    MPIRMC Meeting Professionals International: Rocky Mountain Chapter http://www.mpirmc.org
    MLPNA Mississippi Licensed Practical Nurses Association http://mslpn.org
    MN-NAME National Association for Multicultural Education: Minnesota Chapter http://www.mn-name.org/
    MDO Missouri Dance Organization http://www.missouridance.org
    MDC Michigan Dance Council http://www.michigandance.org
    MADEO Massachusetts Dance Education Organization http://www.madeodance.org
    MNPA Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association http://masspublishers.org
    MAPT Minnesota Association for Pupil Transportation http://www.mnapt.org
    MAPT Maine Association for Pupil Transportation http://www.maptme.org
    MAPG Michigan Association on Problem Gambling http://www.michapg.com
    MCPCG Mississippi Council on Problem & Compulsive Gambling http://www.msgambler.org
    MSPCC Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children http://www.mspcc.org/page.aspx?pid=414
    MCA Missouri Collectors Association, Inc. http://www.mocollectors.org/
    MMA Marketing Management Association http://mmaglobal.org/
    MWCC Missouri Waste Control Coalition http://www.mowastecoalition.org
    MAPA Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.mdapa.org/
    MAC-MLA Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association http://macmla.org/
    MAVT Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians http://www.mavt.net
    MSNA Moore Stephens North America http://msnainc.org/
    MPAA Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) http://mpaa.org
    MHA Mental Health America http://mentalhealthamerica.net
    MEMA Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association http://mema.org
    MWAGNY Manufacturing Woodworkers' Association of Greater New York http://www.mwagny.com
    MBI Modular Building Institute http://modular.org
    MIASF Marine Industries Association of South Florida http://miasf.org
    MHA Massachusetts Hospital Association http://mhalink.org
    MACHC Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers http://www.machc.com
    MLBA Michigan Licensed Beverage Association http://mlba.org
    MSCI Metals Service Center Institute http://msci.org
    MAAB Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board http://www.asparagus.com


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