April 16, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MS-ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education - Mississippi Chapter http://www.mississippiacte.com
MS Manuscript Society http://manuscript.org
MS IEEE Magnetics Society http://ieeemagnetics.org
MRWS Montana Rural Water Systems Association http://www.mrws.org
MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association http://www.moruralwater.org
MRWA Minnesota Rural Water Association http://www.mrwa.com
MRWA Maine Rural Water Association http://www.mainerwa.org
MRWA Maryland Rural Water Association http://www.md-rwa.org
MRWA Michigan Rural Water Association http://www.mrwa.net
MRVDA Maryland Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association http://www.mdrv.com
MRS Materials Research Society http://mrs.org
MRPA Michigan Recreation and Park Association http://www.mrpaonline.org
MRPA Maryland Recreation and Parks Association http://www.mrpanet.org
MRPA Minnesota Recreation and Park Association http://www.mnrpa.org
MRPA Mississippi Recreation and Parks Association http://www.aboutmrpa.org
MRN Maryland Recycling Network http://www.marylandrecyclingnetwork.org
MRMCA Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association http://www.marylandconcrete.com
MRJ Men of Reform Judaism http://menrj.org
MRJ National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods http://www.menrj.org
MRHA Michigan Retail Hardware Association http://www.mirha.com
MRHA Minnesota Rural Health Association http://www.mnruralhealth.org
MREPC Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (USA) http://mrepc.com
MREA Minnesota Rural Education Association http://www.mnrea.org
MREA Montana Rural Education Association http://www.mrea-mt.org
MREA Minnesota Rural Electric Association http://www.mrea.org
MREA Midwest Renewable Energy Association http://www.midwestrenew.org
MRDA Missouri Rental Dealers Association http://www.missourirentaldealers.org
MRCHS Michigan Resource Center for Health and Safety http://www.tsamichigan.org
MRCC The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights http://www.hammer9.com
MRCA Montana Roofing Contractors Association http://www.mt-rca.org
MRCA Midwest Roofing Contractors Association http://www.mrca.org
MRC Maryland Recyclers Coalition http://www.marylandrecyclers.org
MRC Media Rating Council http://mediaratingcouncil.org
MRBA Minnesota River Builders Association http://www.mnrba.com
MRBA Mississippi Road Builders Association http://www.msroadbuilders.com
MRAA Marine Retailers Association of America http://mraa.com
MRA MRA - The Management Association http://www.mranet.org
MRA Maryland Retailers Association http://www.mdra.org
MRA Massachusetts Reading Association http://www.massreading.org
MRA Maryland-Delaware-Washington D.C. Jewelers Association http://www.diccut.com/en/git.asp?site=www.mdra.org
MRA Maryland Recruiters Association http://www.maprc.org
MRA Mountain Rescue Association http://mra.org
MRA Marketing Research Association http://marketingresearch.org
MRA Michigan Retailers Association http://www.retailers.com
MRA Mississippi Railroad Association http://www.aslrra.org/about_aslrra/Related_Links/State_Ra
MRA Massachusetts Restaurant Association http://www.marestaurantassoc.org
MRA Missouri Restaurant Association http://www.morestaurants.org
MRA Manufacturers Representatives of America, Inc. http://mra-reps.com
MRA Missouri Retailers Association http://www.moretailers.com
MRA Michigan Restaurant Association http://www.michiganrestaurant.org
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